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Repo info
    JP DeVries
    Welcome everyone! Part of the reason I wanted to start a discussion on Articles specifically is it’s roadmap and ownership are fairly up in the air and we’d like to increase community contributions, feedback and testing
    Sounds good. Just out of interest why are we not discussing on the official forums?
    JP DeVries
    I think this is closer to the code and more for contributors and testers. Many threads in the forums on Articles as well. Also more IRC style than a forum thread
    There are topics in here I’d like to discuss, such as depricating Articles all together, that I’d rather not go straight onto the forums with LOL
    Jonathan Haslett
    Just curious. What's the case for depreciating all together? I find myself using Articles on new projects all the time. What would be the alternative? Collections?
    Jonathan Haslett
    Looks foolish for not checking forum first
    JP DeVries
    @jonathanhaslett Collections is awesome because it is abstract, it does things more the “MODX way” of choosing flexibility over convienence. That said, if things do go the more Collections way, perhaps there is some way to add the ability to decorate Collections by creating custom types that have unique properties.
    Articles could also be reconstructed with breaking changes.
    Personally, I think the question to ask is, “What is the absolute best way to blog in MODX?”
    I think similar to e-commerce, that is a question that has gone relatively unanswered in the grand scheme of things.
    Mayank Kotwala
    So are you going to update the Articles to work with Modx 2.3 or not? I am waiting , waiting and waiting.. but there is no sign of update. :worried:
    JP DeVries
    @Mayanktaker @Mark-H has updated Articles to add 2.3 support
    I'm struggling to remove tags, is this just me?
    Santiago Itzcoatl
    Hello. I'm struggling to implement form customization on an article template, I already found how to hide articles tabs, but I want to hide the content field I mean the modx-resource-content. but can't figure out how. Any clues?
    Jonathan Haslett
    Has anyone noticed anything strange with articles RSS feeds returning 404 errors with 1.7.8? My sites on 1.7.6 appear to be fine.
    Nick Hoag
    @jonathanhaslett yes, same problem here. many folks are running into this issue with the RSS feed - Is anyone able to look into this?
    Hello there!
    How I can see Articles tags + tagLister tags in one tags cloud?
    Neeraj Verma
    Please check the above pull request. There is an issue with tag filtering.
    Project is dead ?