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will drop you an email of what im interested in and then we can take it from there
Kimberly Walters
The next Mojaloop Community Convening will be on January 29 – 31, 2019 in Arusha, Tanzania. If you are interested in attending, please let me know I will send you the meeting invitation and registration link. This will be an in person meeting only but we will post notes afterwards. thanks!
Thanks Kim, and thanks to all the participants.. It was a great event and thanks for all the contributions!
Kimberly Walters
Presentation from the Mojaloop community event can be found here: https://github.com/mojaloop/docs/tree/master/WorkShops/Presentations
Kimberly Walters
review our updated documentation on GitBooks - https://mojaloop.gitbook.io/mojaloop/
Kimberly Walters
Review presentations from our April 2019 community meeting in South Africa here: https://github.com/mojaloop/documentation/tree/master/presentations/April%202019%20PI-6_OSS_community%20session
Kimberly Walters
The next OSS Community session (PI-7) is booked for the Mount Meru Hotel in Arusha https://www.mountmeruhotel.co.tz/
Tuesday June 25 - Thursday June 27.
I am currently working on the agenda. If you are interested in presenting on hearing about a specific session - please message me. Invites will be going out from the Gates foundation later this week or early next week. I will confirm once the invites go out.
Kimberly Walters
Please note the invites for PI-7 were sent out yesterday. If you did not receive an invite please check your junk folders (it came for the Foundation Events team). If it is not there please let me know. thanks.
Kimberly Walters
Save the dates!! Inviting interested developers, implementers, digital financial services providers, and other members of the financial services community to attend the Mojaloop PI-8 OSS Community Meeting on September 10-12, 2019 in Côte d'Ivoire. More details will be disclosed in upcoming weeks. Mojaloop Community meetings are open, there is no registration fee, and the taking notes is permitted.

PI-7 Objectives, outcomes & owners:

Have a production ready release, with clean licenses, updated health checks, documentation, appropriate code coverage which meets/exceeds performance requirements – ModusBox/Crosslake

  • Community and partner teams have strong release in PI-8
    Error & Event Handling Framework that supports end-to-end Tracing, Visualization and Instrumentation - ModusBox
  • An Event framework that handles various types of events based on type
  • An Error Handling Framework that handles errors in central services using an Open source library available
  • All central services Logging is refactored to support Operational Monitoring.
  • Visualization using Dashboards, instrumentation provided for core central services that supports end-to-end tracing of requests.
    QA Framework that supports PI-7 Features (FX, Charging, etc.) and test results are published - ModusBox
  • Postman collections updated with tests, test data for FX (using extensions as Mowali implemented)
  • Postman collections updated with tests, test data for Fees (apart from interchange as thats not part of the Mojaloop FSPIOP API V1.0)
  • Collections are available on GitHub for public and Test results are published to the #announcements channel on Mojaloop Slack.
    Ability to setup and run performance tests on an ML OSS environment - ModusBox
  • Ability to perform performance testing - make scripts, deployment config available, test runs
  • Switch and API Gateway performance tested and results and documented after PI-7 (after packaging done)
    Settlements that support Net & Gross Settlement by Currency + Ledger Type AND NDC Check by Currency + Ledger Type - ModusBox
  • Framework and the facets of the settlement technical design and 4-quadrant model is agreed upon by workstreams and demonstrated at the next PI-8
    Extend ISO adapter to support the ZECH/Umoja changes/additions along with more use cases - Coil
  • Perform a demo at PI-8 to show support for various versions of ISO
    Understand lab requirements and decide on implementation; Establish user profiles - Crosslake
  • Documentation will be updated to ease onboarding requirements of different user profiles
    Cross-currency updates and changes are implemented and sufficient for Mowali deployment - Coil
  • CCB will approve API changes and new release of the API will be published
    Payment hub is updated to support PI-7 deliverables and hack-a-thon requirements - MIFOS
  • Successful hack-a-thon and extensions to the payment hub demonstrated during PI-8
Rohit Jain
I am just trying to understand mojaloop and following the installation process to get a feel for what it does. Please excuse me for any naive questions or the use of this forum that I am new to.
I found the instructions to install pretty good up to where I could get the Kubernetes dashboard up. However, then the instructions jump to Helm init. Are there instructions for Helm install that are missing? Do we need to figure out that by ourselves?
Rohit Jain
I downloaded the helm.exe file and got going on the previous question and was just wondering if perhaps the documentation could be improved on it.
But after following the install process I do http://central-ledger.local/health and it says that 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. How do I resolve this?
Kimberly Walters
feel free to reach out on slack for specific Q&Q on questions.
Rohit Jain
Thanks Kimberly! I have reached out on Slack. Let us see if I receive a response.
Kimberly Walters
and please feel free to email directly if needed (Kimw@crosslaketech.com)
Rohit Jain
Thanks a lot Kimberly!
Kimberly Walters

Invites have been sent out for our next Mojaloop Community Event. The next community meeting will be held in Abidjan on September 10th - 12th (pre-session on the 9th for new attendees)
For most countries you can fill out the eVisa application: https://snedai.com/e-visa/ (click on the British flag to make this English). I got my approval within 48 hours.

You will need the following PDFs:

  1. Copy of your passport
  2. Copy of your flight information (both arrival and departure)
  3. Copy of your accommodation booking (hotel) - Confirmed for the Sofitel Abidjan Hotel Ivoire (no discounts for attendees)
  4. Visa fee (~$82 USD)
    Please let me know if you have any questions/issues.

For the Business Contact use:
Name: Sadamoudou Kaba
Address: Immeuble Botreau Roussell
City: Abidijan
Phone: +225 76 76 10 10
Email: sadamoudou.kaba@mowali.com

Also note the country requires a Yellow Fever vaccine, printed copy of your payment and approval document for entry.

Hi all. My name is David from Nigeria, I presently run an Ecosystem-Driven Digital financial Inclusion startup in Nigeria. I am eager to learn from everyone here.
Kimberly Walters
Thanks @datadve for catching up over email and hope to see you at a future event.
Hi all. My name is Moses software engineer from Uganda, We are currently building a product based on the mojaloop platform. Happy to join this channel , hope to learn more about mojaloop
Kimberly Walters
@bogere: Welcome Moses. I am thrilled you are building a product based on the Mojaloop platform. I would suggest you get connected with our developer community via Slack (self-signup): https://mojaloop-slack.herokuapp.com . In addition there is a Mojaloop hack-a-thon event next week in Kampala, Uganda (please reach out to me via email if you want to learn more - kimw@crosslaketech.com). In addition I would like to know more about the product you are building, can you please share some details?
Hi my name is Craig from a small island in the Caribbean. I believe our island and neighboring islands could benefit from such a platform and I'm hoping to learn enough here to be able to implement mojaloop and contribute to its development
Kimberly Walters
@cnesty - Welcome. Please review our site at mojaloop.io and connect with our development team on slack: https://mojaloop-slack.herokuapp.com/ Also, I would be glad to setup a meeting with you to discuss further. please email me at kimw@crosslaketech.com
hello, guys, I have installed mojaloop using Kubernetes but like central ledger is kept crashing I have used the steps on your documentation ??
Kimberly Walters
Hi @da-123 sorry to hear your troubles with the system crashing. Most of the technical assistance can be found at our slack site. One of the engineers can help trouble shoot the issue. To reach our development team go to: https://mojaloop-slack.herokuapp.com/ and post your issue on the onboarding or general channel.

Dear Mojaloop Team,

We are a fintech company who want to build a platform using mojaloop engine.
We have been doing local deployment to test the system various features. We have followed the steps from mojaloop deployment guide but can't successfully configure it.
It would be great if anyone can help us for local deployment.
If there is any video or picture tutorial, kindly send it to me.
Write to me at absar@vurke.com

Kimberly Walters
Greetings @alvi19169 - and welcome to gitter. We do have extensive documentation on installing Mojaloop. (see - https://mojaloop.io/documentation/) Also please join our slack site if you are running into issues and one of the developers can help troubleshoot any issues: https://mojaloop-slack.herokuapp.com/ - also you find out about the latest releases and announcements. I will also send you an email.