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Oct 2014
Sam Saccone
Oct 18 2014 01:00
it is already a dep
i think it will be ok if we expose it
Jarid Margolin
Oct 18 2014 01:06
@samccone - I was thinking about it...
Why not pass environment into the module?
module.exports = function (environment) {
I find myself, sometimes unnecessarily using bind, or having to cache this as self, etc..
Jarid Margolin
Oct 18 2014 01:24
or a few times I used which I actually am going to remove from my code and replace with a cached version right at the beginning of the module.
Dominik Guzei
Oct 18 2014 08:18
@jaridmargolin the thing is, this is how cucumber itself works. Pioneer didn't invent the idea of a shared world with helpers and properties on it. So I would just go along with cucumber which a lot of people already know how to work with