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Oct 2014
Tom Hicks
Oct 21 2014 13:00
@DominikGuzei I would be wary about a) assuming that people using pioneer know how to use Cucumber, and b) that the way Cucumber does it is the best way. After starting to use pioneer for a large SPA, I'm finding that the Cucumber conventions are the most difficult parts of pioneer to work with. Specifically, global step definitions.
Sam Saccone
Oct 21 2014 13:23
@jaridmargolin @tomhicks-bsf i feel your pain there
i do the same thing
hmmm alas passing in the env into each invokation will require a bit of hackery on our cucumber fork
but i think it can be done
file that sucker in github
Tom Hicks
Oct 21 2014 16:27
@samccone will do