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Nov 2014
Jarid Margolin
Nov 11 2014 00:12
@samccone lives
Sam Saccone
Nov 11 2014 00:15
Jarid Margolin
Nov 11 2014 00:37
hey @samccone - mind addressing this real quick
I am uncertain of how the method/property titles are being written in the documentation
^ Capitalized
^ camelCase (actual representation of isPresent method)
^ Capitalized... and referenced as ItemClass rather than itemClass in the body
jaridmargolin October 27 2014
@samccone - I will normalize all headers to show actual representation (camelCase), if you want to give me the go ahead. I however do not want to spend the time if the current implementation was done purposely...
Sam Saccone
Nov 11 2014 01:14
oh yeah
it needs to be consistent
Ricardo Machado
Nov 11 2014 09:59
@samccone cool, as soon as you release it (even in a different branch) tell me so that I can give you some feedback (we have SauceLabs accounts at the company :))