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Mar 2015
Tom Hicks
Mar 17 2015 09:41
@wadi-chemkhi If I were you I'd put "And I Freeze" after each step in your tests, then you can control your test speed from the command line, and just screencap the application window
Mar 17 2015 13:37
@tomhicks-bsf actually i want to do a live presentation
it would be cool if i did not have to touch the keyboard and focus on presenting the application's features.
Sam Saccone
Mar 17 2015 13:39
@wadi-chemkhi we can do some trickery
was thinking about it on my walk in today
Mar 17 2015 13:43
i was thinking about implementing a way to show toasts with each feature , showing the name and the steps
by extract the info from gherkin feature files and showing them when executing the demo.
i think that would drop some jaws :D
@samccone do you think it's doable ?