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@icebob Hi, I have two different nodes 'node1', 'node2'. both the nodes are running in two different instances with port 3000, 3001.
Each individual working as expected. Now i want to have a common end point like a api-gateway with port 3002 which can call both apis in port 3000 and 3001.
Do i need to create aliases and methods with ct.call('<Service name>') or is there a way i can redirect based on the path and expose both instances end points to single end point
Puria Kordrostami
does anybody know , where i can find changelog or new features of 0.14 rc?
hello, im using AMQP transport in my project, how i can find exchange name and queue name?
i want to recieve messages from internal server, outside of moleculer framework

Hi, i need to populate field
i used like this

settings: {
      "categories": "categories.get"

        query : {
          status: 2,
          _id: project_id
        populate : ['categories']

but it doesne't work

i need data like this
            "status": 2,
            "name": "Test Name"
            "categories": [
                    "_id": 1,
                    "name": "Collectibles"
                    "_id": 34,
                    "name": "watch"
instead it returns like this
            "status": 2,
            "name": "Test Name"
            "categories": [1,34]
Feugang Kemegni Fabrice
@neer14 use 'fields' not 'populate'

Hi guys,

I am trying to authenticate some routes and not others.
anyone has an idea?


documentation says fields are for filter
auth:false ?
*authorization: false
Feugang Kemegni Fabrice
You can use youse dependencies to make a service depend on another.
you can also register an event and wait for service A to be created, then run a given funtion in your service B
Feugang Kemegni Fabrice
Hi guys,
how can I set the cookies in the request header from the service.action?
I am implementing a signin action from my users service and I would like to return an access-token in the header from the action.
Anyone has an idea?
Ingwie Phoenix
Hello there! I am coming here off the back of a StackOverflow question I asked in regards to microservice architecture. Basically, while I was planning my application, I had initially planned it to spawn multiple processes, each holding a service. Each service would need to communicate with one another either by calling methods directly or sending events to a queue so that other services pick them up and process accordingly. Now, all the Moleculer examples I have come across so far have either shown various services in Docker-Compose being networked through NATS or a single broker hosting multiple services. Now, how would I go about having Moleculer spawn, for instance three, processes? Since each service represents one service, let's just call them chat, notifications and users. Any idea? Thanks!
Hello, how to disable the default route in moleculer-web? (https://github.com/moleculerjs/moleculer-web/blob/master/src/index.js#L64)
Bartha Bela Tibor
@icebob I want to use the Datadog tracer, but I'm just getting individual service calls, but I'm interested in the whole flow (from input event to output). Is there a straightforward setup for this? Or should I create child/sub-child spans for every action called through the flow?
I see, that you have something similar in Moleculer documentation (https://moleculer.services/docs/0.14/tracing.html#Datadog)
Jarod Reid
@icebob working on error handling in the moleculer-ruby library, what is the appropriate error to pass back to the caller when the endpoint throws a non-moleculer exception?
Puria Kordrostami
Hello, how to handle multipart formdata without any file?
Hey @icebob
How can i use the socket instance inside other services? I can see that this.io is available in started() life cycle method.
How to obtain that instance in other services? I'm using the below example
Shubham Jain
Hi. Can someone guide me through moleculer communication protocol.
I am facing Protocol Version Mismatch error.
I am not able to find the cause for this error.
The packet version is coming to be 4
and service broker version is coming 3.
André Mazayev
The protocol mismatch means that some of your nodes use moleculer v0.13 and others v0.14. v0.13 uses protocol version v3 while v0.14 uses protocol version v4.
They are incompatible (https://github.com/moleculerjs/moleculer/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#communication-protocol-has-been-changed)
IMPORTANT: We are moving to Discord (link: https://discord.gg/TSEcDRP)! Support @Gitter is no longer guaranteed
hezbon otumba
Is there away to initialise sequelize adapter without the model definition?
Hi. I'm using a file upload endpoint with moleculer-web... I'm parsing the stream coming to the action but after that the response returning is always wrapped inside an array... Is there a way to avoid that?
hezbon otumba
@AndreMaz what is the community name is Discord?
Amila Viduranga
hi team, I want to upload multipart/ftm-data file with greater than 5MB, how should I do that
André Mazayev
IMPORTANT: We are moving to Discord (link: https://discord.gg/TSEcDRP ) ! Support @Gitter is no longer guaranteed
I am new in moleculerjs
me: {
auth: "required",
rest: "GET /admin",
cache: {
keys: ["#userID"]
async handler(ctx) {
const admin = await this.getById(ctx.meta.admin._id);
if (!admin)
throw new MoleculerClientError("Admin User not found!", 400);
const doc = await this.transformDocuments(ctx, {}, user);
return await this.transformEntity(doc, true, ctx.meta.token);
how to test it in postman
when i test it through this url "http://localhost:3000/api/admin"
i got Cannot read property '_id' of undefined
is this programing fault or something missing in postman,
please urgent help me
Hoàng Thành
@sakibindia : Check your login function. Is it already set the ctx.meta.admin correctly ?
Alessandro Valenti
Hi there how can I use moleculer from a VUE webpack browser application ? Thanks.
Zeeshan Haider
Hey guys
I listed that issue on github as well
still no solution may be I am missing something
Mohammad Majid Khan
how to upload file using multer in moleculer
any one have idea i don't want to use busboy for file upload
Bruno Carneiro

Hi there.
How do I change bodyparser json limit in moleculer-web?

    name: "api",
    mixins: [
   settings: {
        routes: [
                authentication: true,
                whitelist: [
                aliases: {
                    '/': 'api.ok',
                bodyParsers: {
                    json: { limit: "5MB" },
                    urlencoded: { extended: true, limit: "5MB" }

But don't work =/

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 09.45.29.png
I have problems about start services. Can you help me, please?
Satish Adabala

Being a newbie to moleculerjs I'm trying to use passport with moleculerjs for authorization using Azure AD passport plugin. Thanks to the mixin https://github.com/icebob/kantab/blob/master/backend/mixins/passport.mixin.js by @icebob I'm able to apply the authorization at the alias level in API gateway service successfully. Now I'm trying to extend this functionality by using this mixin in a dedicated identity service that does the authentication and authorization based on the service name passed to it. I was thinking of using the authorize method of API gateway to forward the requests to identity service if theauthorization route setting is set to true. However, when I call the identity service using ctx.call method the passport mixin is not being invoked! Here is my authorize method.

    async authorize(ctx, route, req) {
      let verified;
        // Verify JWT token
        try {
          verified = await ctx.call("identify.verifyToken");
          if (verified) {
            this.logger.info("Authenticated via JWT: ", user.username);
            ctx.meta.user = _.pick(user, ["_id", "username", "email", "image"]);
            ctx.meta.token = token;
            ctx.meta.userID = user._id;
        } catch (err) {
          throw new UnAuthorizedError(ApiGateway.Errors.ERR_INVALID_USER);

and here is the snippet of my identity service

const passportMixin = require("../mixins/passport.mixin");
module.exports = {
  name: "identity",
  mixins: [passportMixin({ successRedirect: "/api/v1/customer" })],
  settings: {
    routes: [],
    aliases: {},
    actions: {
      verifyToken: {
        rest: "GET /verify",
        async handler(ctx) {
          try {
            console.log("Token is being verified");
          } catch (err) {

The passport mixin is defined to apply passport plugin at alias level like below and the callback is set to forward the request to a customer service

        route.aliases["GET /verify"] = (req, res) =>
          passport.authenticate("oauth-bearer", { session: false })(
            callback(req, res)

I would've thought the identity service invokes the passport plugin before running the verifyToken method but the plugin doesn't get invoked and only the method is run printing the debug statement. My question is can I use passport mixin in other services than API gateway service and if so, what am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance!

Zeeshan Haider
I want to build a File Upload Rest Api
What is the best practice