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Repo info
    Dawid Paweł Sowa
    I'm currently leaning towards changing translation so that default moment.js format fits but I wonder if that would be possible
    Vipul Kapoor
    Hi Guys. I'm having a wierd issue. I'm trying to using moment in my custom plugin but I get an error moment is not a function. I've looked around but didn't find a solution. Do I have to do something special for it to work inside a plugin definition?
            console.log(moment()); //works
        $.fn.datepicker = function(options){
            console.log(moment()); //doesn't work
    Dawid Paweł Sowa
    Hello, assigning anonymous function may cause problems with this. Try doing
     $.fn.datepicker = (options) => {
    Niraj Nandish
    Hi i have two var storing two dates and i would like to store the difference (number of days between them) of the 2 days in a third var and im confused on what to use


    const date1 = moment('2000-01-01');
    const date2 = moment('2000-02-01');
    const diff = date2.diff(date1, 'days'); // 31


    How can I go from a time like 8:0 to 08:00 using moment?
    or 17:0 to 17:00
    tried a lot of things and none of them worked
    @kellyprankin moment('8:0', 'H:m').format('HH:mm')
    See https://momentjs.com/docs/#/displaying/format/
    the problem is that sometimes its 17:0
    so 'H:m' does not suffice
    @kellyprankin well maybe you've to prepare the string first: https://codepen.io/heivask/pen/MMPBWw
    Huy Vo
    Can I parse a datetime from for example 2019-07-16T03:20:40.156Z to UTC+07:00?
    Olu Niyi-Awosusi
    Is moment still under active development?
    I have a question
    when using typescript do you also use Moment instead of Date in your models?
    Ikechukwu Eze
    @HeiVask this works moment('17:0', 'H:m').format('HH:mm') // "17:00"
    Ikechukwu Eze
    @bugproof Date works pretty fine
    Andrew Kralovec
    Hey everyone

    Im having a moment time issue. The time, that moment displays, is off by an hour (best guess is timezone at the moment). When i display the time in node & then in my terminal, you can see the times don't match. Which i don't understand, because they are both being running locally.
    On another computer, they do match. Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?


    Hi Everyone :D , Im using momentjs with polymer. I get this error , does anyone have an ideawhat could cause this? :(
    Nevermind , it was my fault haha, thanks :D
    Aquiles Maior | O BarbaNeja
    o horário de verão no brasil ainda está incorreto, pois aqui o presidente cancela o mesmo. Alguém mais teve problemas hoje?
    daylight saving time in brazil is still incorrect, because here the president cancels it. Has anyone else had problems today?
    Alexey Seliverstov
    for some reason there's this undefined section in the moment.js website
    Is anyone here?
    Is it possible to subtract something like 02:00:00 with 00:00:01
    without using moment to get the 02:00:00
    sound of wind and cobwebs
    Hi I am new here.i wanted to contribute.I cloned the repo but don't know how to run the library \
    Tan Yuanhong
    Is anyone reviewing PRs for this project?
    Hey, I'm following up on the standard (see #1407). How can I get the current date?
    And I have to check if the current date is in range (isBetween(?))
    Abhishek Chaudhary
    Hey all, I'm debugging a strange issue. I'm using BrowserStack and OSX Catalina + Chrome 79 to reproduce. It seems that moment.utc() returns an object that consistently is 30 seconds in the past. Has anyone seen this before?
    Jonas Amundsen
    I had the unfortune of forgetting to escape the literal "at" in my format-string when parsing and got a surprising result
    moment("24. Mar 2020 at 12:53", "DD. MMM YYYY at HH:mm", true).format();
    // => "2020-03-24T00:53:00+01:00"
    moment("24. Mar 2020 at 13:53", "DD. MMM YYYY at HH:mm", true).format();
    // => "2020-03-24T13:53:00+01:00"
    Why does it not yield an "invalid date" error when in strict mode?
    Hello guys, i have a question
    i have a date object in an angular table, and i wanna extract the date on the displayed column
    any tips ?
    to sum up, it mean to extract the existed date object using momentjs
    Greetings, would like to contribute Amharic/Ethiopic to moment
    Chris Grant
    I'm struggling with something. I need to calculate a student's year group. I have the date they signed up and the year they were in when they signed up (as a number), but the school year increments on the 1st of September. Can moment help me to calculate the year group based on this?
    Max Ammann

    Hello, I want to add support for the Tigrinya locale to moment.
    Is there a standard procedure in order to satisy the quality of the locales?




    Greetings, would like to contribute Amharic/Ethiopic to moment