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Repo info
    Is it possible to subtract something like 02:00:00 with 00:00:01
    without using moment to get the 02:00:00
    sound of wind and cobwebs
    Hi I am new here.i wanted to contribute.I cloned the repo but don't know how to run the library \
    Tan Yuanhong
    Is anyone reviewing PRs for this project?
    Hey, I'm following up on the standard (see #1407). How can I get the current date?
    And I have to check if the current date is in range (isBetween(?))
    Abhishek Chaudhary
    Hey all, I'm debugging a strange issue. I'm using BrowserStack and OSX Catalina + Chrome 79 to reproduce. It seems that moment.utc() returns an object that consistently is 30 seconds in the past. Has anyone seen this before?
    Jonas Amundsen
    I had the unfortune of forgetting to escape the literal "at" in my format-string when parsing and got a surprising result
    moment("24. Mar 2020 at 12:53", "DD. MMM YYYY at HH:mm", true).format();
    // => "2020-03-24T00:53:00+01:00"
    moment("24. Mar 2020 at 13:53", "DD. MMM YYYY at HH:mm", true).format();
    // => "2020-03-24T13:53:00+01:00"
    Why does it not yield an "invalid date" error when in strict mode?
    Hello guys, i have a question
    i have a date object in an angular table, and i wanna extract the date on the displayed column
    any tips ?
    to sum up, it mean to extract the existed date object using momentjs
    Greetings, would like to contribute Amharic/Ethiopic to moment
    Chris Grant
    I'm struggling with something. I need to calculate a student's year group. I have the date they signed up and the year they were in when they signed up (as a number), but the school year increments on the 1st of September. Can moment help me to calculate the year group based on this?
    Max Ammann

    Hello, I want to add support for the Tigrinya locale to moment.
    Is there a standard procedure in order to satisy the quality of the locales?




    Greetings, would like to contribute Amharic/Ethiopic to moment

    what is the minimum version of node required to contribute to moment?

    in Amharic, I want to define my own custom meridiem.
    am is ከጠዋቱ
    pm is ከምሽቱ

    But then how I use this in testing the formatting works as you do when using dddd ? Is there one for meridiem ?
    '[ያለፈው] dddd meridiem LT [ሰዓት]'

    @Priyam1464 what I did was I took one of the en-ca test files
    And trimmed it down to my specific tests
    @aquilesmaior_twitter nuevo presidente
    Moshe Shabes
    I am trying to use moment().format (DD/MMMM/YY) and it gives me error in MMMM month format with following message "Cannot read property '4' of undefined"
    Eder Gomez
    @moshab97 the format must be in quotation marks moment().format("DD/MMMM/YY")
    Donghyun Peter Kim
    When I set locale by using moment.updateLocale('hi') and try to insert or update row in MySQL with Sequelize v5, created_at column is filled with localized date. Sequelize returns, Incorrect datetime value: '२०२०-०६-१९ १७:३५:४२' for column 'created_at' at row 1
    I think Sequelize internally detects global datetime value.
    Apoorv Mishra
    Hi everyone :wave: , just published a CLI tool for guessing a date's format at https://github.com/apoorv-mishra/moment-guess. Hope that it might turn out to be useful for momentjs users :smiley:
    Jay Ellsworth
    I've been trying to get a locale-aware timestamp working on my site by using the "LL" input for moment's format() function. I love the idea of locale aware formats for dates so they look nice for everyone no matter where they are in the world, but I'm not having much luck getting it to work. I've been asking in the stackoverflow javascript chat room and I posted a question asking about it, but as of this writing I haven't gotten an answer to my question and so far no one in the chat seems to know why it's not working either. So I'm hoping someone here can help and instead of typing the whole question again I'm just going to link to my already-nicely-formatted and thorough question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63511677/formatting-a-date-with-momentjs-in-an-ejs-file
    Uttkarsh singh
    Hello Mentors and Csntributors Myself uttkarsh.I am a newbie to open source projects and wanted to contribute to the moment js so as to make my development shine and also to gain the real world software development experience. So i request all the @mentors and the @contributors to please help me in building the project on the local machine and also help me finding some begginer friendly issue so that I could make my contribution twoards making my #firstContribution in such a big porject.Expecting a positive reply from the community. github : https://github.com/loneWarrior581. Thanks a lot!
    Aditya Chava
    Hello People, I just want a confirmation regarding the moment js
    does moment use MediaWiki 1.35.0 ?? Looking forward for the answer
    Aditya Chava
    hello peop;e
    Hi. I am Shawn from South Korea. I am wondering if you have thought of adding Korean documentation for the users who don't understand English well.
    I have seen my colleagues having a difficult time understanding moment js because the documentation is written in English which they are not fluent in. Please let me know your thoughts on it and I'd also like to say I am a big fan of moment js and really want to help you with any issue that needs to be solved. Thanks !
    Florian Spier

    Hi :)
    How can I create a Date in a different timezone, I mean really a date that a user would see in another timezone when using new Date()
    Here in central europe new Date outputs this:
    Fri Oct 09 2020 14:34:00 GMT+0200 (Midden-Europese zomertijd)

    In Bangkok it should output this:
    Fri Oct 09 2020 19:34:00 GMT+0700 (Indochinese tijd)
    (I simulated by changing the system clock of the computer)

    I was playing with moment timezone:

    console.log(moment.tz('2020-10-08 21:00:00', 'Asia/Bangkok').toDate());
    console.log(moment.tz('2020-10-08 21:00:00', 'Europe/Paris').toDate());

    Running that code with system timezone Central Europe returns this:
    1.) Thu Oct 08 2020 16:00:00 GMT+0200 (Midden-Europese zomertijd)
    2.) Thu Oct 08 2020 21:00:00 GMT+0200 (Midden-Europese zomertijd)

    Both dates are different and the offset is correct, but somehow the timezone is not changing.
    I would expect to see GMT+0700 (Indochinese tijd) for the first output.

    Hello I'm curious if anyone is having issues with moments isLeapYear() method? I'm getting it telling me that isLeapYear is true for 2018 and 2019 when that is incorrect
    nevermind i figured out my mistake
    Egor Vasilyev
    Hi, can anyone help me with parsing nginx log time? Eg: "22/Apr/2021:03:46:37 +0700" Im trying "DD/MMM/YYYY:hh:mm:ss z" but it returns Moment<2021-04-22T00:00:00+03:00>
    Anyone read this?
    I'm curious why moment('W52 2020', '[W]ww YYYY').add({ week: 1}) =>'W01 2020'? Shouldnt it be 2021?
    Neeraj Sewani
    Hey everyone! I am working on this issue http://momentjs.com/guides/#/warnings/js-date/ I understood the problem but I am not sure what the solution could be. Can anyone point me in a direction?
    Uriel Avalos
    hey guys, don't know if you've seen the news but the Senate unanimously a law to do away with daylight savings time. And that had me wondering, what if the House also approves this law? (For those non-Americans, that would effectively mean the US will no longer use daylight savings time...but note at this time it's still just a theoretical possibility) That would be a huge breaking change I imagine for any apps momentjs. question: would the momentjs team update momentjs to drop daylight savings time for US locales?
    Matt Johnson-Pint
    @robotandkid_gitlab - Yes, I'm very much aware. However, there wouldn't be any required change for the main Moment library. Only Moment-Timezone would require an update. (It's overdue for one anyway.)
    hello matt