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Peter Hagen
@decriptor yeah I know, but I'm in panic haha. Its not a build problem, it actual runs and I can debug it. Its a publish issue. It crashes on publish without any message. I got a response on the forum now also.
Stephen Shaw
@PeterHagen yeah, just not likely to find many? if almost any in here that can help with Xamarin.Mac ;)
with apple stuff I'd check either plist and/or provisioning stuff :/
Henrik Feldt
Any update on when a mono with a working GC will be released? The AOT bugs are quite severe.
Is there a roadmap somewhere?
The current release is 3.10 according to the roadmap
Alexander Köplinger
@haf the current Mono release is 4.0.2
looks like the roadmap page is outdated
I removed the section about 3.10
Henrik Feldt
@akoeplinger Yes, I know. The 4.x series has a very broken AOT compiler that kills kittens and programs. Do you know when there's a new non-broken release due? It's been fixed in master.
Alexander Köplinger
@haf mono 4.2 is upcoming, it's been branched a while ago
Miguel de Icaza
"very broken" does not tell me much
So we would need specifics of what is wrong
Henrik Feldt
@migueldeicaza it's all in your issue tracker. Just search for my email, henrik at logibit dot se.
Miguel de Icaza
Since nobody online, i created a bug - https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=32889
Henrik Feldt
Henrik Feldt
Unfortunately homebrew can't install HEAD mono either, so we're stuck there as well.
Miguel de Icaza
Why does the performance of this behave the way it does? I basically have an Method that should be very easy to inline. If I inline it manually, it's much faster (only takes 64% of the time of the other program), but it makes no difference if I set the AggressiveInlineing or NoInlining-Attribute
Alexander Köplinger
@moritzuehling I checked with mono -v -v -v -v test.exe | grep INLINE and the method is indeed inlined, so the root cause may be somewhere else
INLINE START 0x2680d40 LeckerBrot.Program:Main () -> LeckerBrot.RowCalulator:.ctor ()
INLINE END LeckerBrot.Program:Main () -> LeckerBrot.RowCalulator:.ctor ()
INLINE START 0x2680e40 LeckerBrot.RowCalulator:Calc () -> LeckerBrot.RowCalulator:CalculatePoint (double,double,double&,double&)
INLINE END LeckerBrot.RowCalulator:Calc () -> LeckerBrot.RowCalulator:CalculatePoint (double,double,double&,double&)
Does the perfomance behave similar on your system between the three variants?
Alexander Köplinger
I found this old thread that says that the copies may be the reason: http://mono.1490590.n4.nabble.com/JIT-and-Inlining-why-doesn-t-it-happen-td1538413.html
no idea if that's still accurate
you can probably file a bug report on https://bugzilla.xamarin.com to see if something can be done about it
It'd be classfied as a runtime-bug, right?
Alexander Köplinger
I need help with a dolt
I maintain Gentoo mono packages, and there is dolt who break it
he was alike "checking if dolt supports this host... yes, replacing libtool"
here is full log and related bug https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=557448
should I open issue on bugzilla about that dolt?
Gutemberg Ribeiro
hi guys
quick help
I'm having troubles here to get Mono to work with PInvoke
calling a method on a specific native i
GEDI_e_Ret GEDI_WIFI_APListGet ( GEDI_WIFI_st_Info **stInfoList, UINT *uiListSize )
where the first parameter is:

 Structure to hold all the information about certain Wi-Fi AP. 


BYTE  Address[32] 


BYTE  Mode[64] 

BYTE  Freq[64] 

BYTE  Quality[16] 

BYTE  SignalLevel[16] 

BYTE  NoiseLevel[16] 

BYTE  EncryptionKey[8] 

BYTE  Type_1[8] 

BYTE  GroupCipher_1[8] 

BYTE  PairwiseCiphers_1[8] 

BYTE  Authentication_1[8] 

BYTE  Type_2[8] 

BYTE  GroupCipher_2[8] 

BYTE  PairwiseCiphers_2[8] 

BYTE  Authentication_2[8]
Gutemberg Ribeiro
guys got that problem sorted out...
new question... does mono support __arglist ? I'm trying to PInvoke some method that has VarArgs on its native signature but no success on Mono
@migueldeicaza any clues?