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Repo info
    I followed the code until it calls a GuiUnit.exe binary that I do not know.
    Behrooz Amoozad
    Is there a windows repo or download site still available? I need the lastest installer. and I don't care if it's 8 years old and unmaintained.
    @directhex Can You help me with this?
    The legends himself lextm has the solution : https://github.com/lextm/monodevelop-windows
    Pranshu Aggarwal
    Hi everyone, Is it possible to add a target for a particular project using MonoDevelop extension?
    Caia Andrei
    Hello! :)
    I get this error when I try to run make for the first time
    Can someone help me, please?
    Hagai Ovadia
    Hi all,
    I'm trying to add a visual studio (for mac) extension to add a marker to the editor, someone has a good example for that?
    Software Development Division of EmbSys group
    Hi. I am trying to develop a video viewer application on RPI using monodevelop and usb webcam. Can anybody help em
    Alexander Orlovsky
    Do you use mono developer? My best advise take the visual studio code one
    Software Development Division of EmbSys group

    Do you use mono developer? My best advise take the visual studio code one

    I can use visual studio code but I still need to way to access usb webcam using C# because rest of the functionality is developed using C# only

    Hello I want to use monodevelop I only can't find what file is the correct executeble. Can someone please send the directory?
    hi all, i have an app i'm trying to run or build on osx that uses WinForms
    so far i've got as far as loading the solution into Visual Studio and being told i need to use windows instead
    i can't even find a way to tell VS to use mono's framework instead of the bundled one
    i am doing a confuse
    Jo Shields
    winforms only works on 32-bit gdi+ on mac, so it won't run at all on mojave

    Hi there.. got a Problem... I try to Build MD for the past 12 hours... Windows 10 (64bit), VS2017.. get many errors and failed to build..

    I installed all Prerequisites from here: https://www.monodevelop.com/developers/building-monodevelop/#windows

    and cloned the linked repository recursive...

    Any ideas what is mission?

    @ChaosgodEsper_twitter what you are missing is that MonoDevelop dropped both windows and linux support and was then abandoned.
    oh good, i got an email about how no one answered my question (:
    @directhex catalina was where 32bit got removed on osx but yeah
    i seen a few things about trying to port the gdi driver to 64bit, some people saying it worked, some saying it can't be merged upstream because it sucks
    thankfully i've found a TRUE cross-platform app that does about 90% of what the crappy winforms one does
    written in unity of all things :P windblows, osx, android, and jailbroken ios binaries
    So.. i can´t build Monodevelop on Windows?
    Sadly you can't
    yah i tried getting monodevelop doing something, ANYTHING, last week, and it kept redirecting me to visual studio
    Richard Briscoe
    Is it possible to add and compile C++ projects in Monodevelop? I'm using version 7.8.4 under Debian Linux. If there's an extension I need to add, where do I find it?
    Jo Shields
    Lex Li
    @ChaosgodEsper_twitter you can only build some branches/revisions https://github.com/lextm/monodevelop-windows
    @WhitePatches if you need to build cross platform GUI apps, read https://blog.lextudio.com/the-story-about-net-cross-platform-ui-frameworks-dd4a9433d0ea and choose an option better than WinForms.
    @richardbriscoe_twitter MonoDevelop C++ binding is long out-of-date, so you really should switch to things like VSCode which you have both Microsoft's C++ extension as well as clangd.
    Filip Carlsson
    how can i install monodevelop on solus? i tried with eopkg but i get missing gtk thing and missing microsoft.CSharp.Core.targets and things
    Vortai Hey, I've run into a rather strange issue with regards to monodevelop and F# on linux.
    Vortai For some reason the F# interactive pad only works when I run monodevelop as sudo?
    Vortai I think this is something to do with fsharpc being owned by root but I'm not certain, not enough of an expert to know.
    Vortai never mind, it's actually another problem that seems to be caused by conflicting extensions.
    Laurent Chardon
    Hello all. I have a very basic question, to which I found no answer on the monodevelop web site, documentation of FAQ. Maybe the answer is there, but I didn't find it. What is the command that I need to run in Linux to launch the monodevelop GUI interface??
    I've installed on Ubuntu 20.04 using the preview repo
    Laurent Chardon
    OK, for those of you searching, the app name is "monodevelop". I couldn't find it because the Ubuntu 20.04 installation did not complete successfully. It works fine in Ubuntu 18.04.
    Vortai for me it's just monodevelop
    Marcelo Santos
    Hi! I'm trying to install monodevelop from the tarball but I'm getting error messages of not found packages (e.g. "Unable to find version '15.8.519' of package 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.CoreUtility'"). What can I do?
    Maarten Boekhold
    Does version control work on Ubuntu 20.04? I installed monodevelop "apt install monodevelop", but don't see anything related to version control. The monodevelop package "suggests" a "monodevelop-versioncontrol" package that doesn't seem to exist.
    Maarten Boekhold

    Ah, so there is no monodevelop package for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal. The version for 18.04 can be installed on 20.04, but the monodevelop-versioncontrol package fails to install because it depends on a version of libssl1.0.0 that is not available on 20.04.

    Pretty please release a version of monodevelop with the monodevelop-versioncontrol package for Ubuntu 20.04 Focal?

    Andres G. Aragoneses
    boekhold: this area has fallen into the "no maintainers anymore" umbrella by the looks of it; if you're good at (or want to get good at) packaging you could try to take over
    Raif Harik
    Hi, just starting up monodevelop trying to load my solution and so on. I've got the solution to build but when I try to run the asp.net web project I get an error in the browser System.IO.FileNotFoundException Could not load the file 'Microsoft.Dynamic'.
    seems to be coming from mscorlib does this ring a bell for anyone?
    i need help i am trying to compile monodevelop and its not working i have followed all the steps on the website
    for windows