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Sep 2015
Brady Dean
Sep 15 2015 01:04
Hey is anyone able to help me with building monodevelop on Windows?
Vsevolod Kukol
Sep 15 2015 07:01
sure! The easiest way is to install XamarinStudio or Visual studio and all prerequisites mentioned here:
without VS installed you'll need Windows SDK (8.1 I think)
Brady Dean
Sep 15 2015 11:05
Thanks I have VS14 and the Windows 8 SDK installed. I'm wanting to build MonoDevelop, not XamarinStudio. These are the build errors I'm getting:
Matt Ward
Sep 15 2015 12:57
Looks like MSBuild 12 is not installed. One way to get that is to install MSBuild 2013
Brady Dean
Sep 15 2015 16:21
Thanks man works perfectly!