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Apr 2016
Apr 09 2016 01:13
@akoeplinger , I got the folowing error while recompiling a C# project using MonoDevelop 5.10 with Ubuntu Linux 15.10 and mono 4.2.1 : /home/vendat/DevelopmentX64/SmartCamXi_Hybrid_Linux/Remoting/SmartCamXi_Video_Server/SmartCamXi_Video_Server.csproj: /home/vendat/DevelopmentX64/SmartCamXi_Hybrid_Linux/Remoting/SmartCamXi_Video_Server/SmartCamXi_Video_Server.csproj could not import "$(MSBuildToolsPath)\Microsoft.CSharp.targets" May I ask what it means and if we can fix it.? Thank you.