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Jun 2017
Jun 30 2017 04:33
have you updated mono to whatever the latest is?
Alexander Jochum
Jun 30 2017 09:06
@Wolverine2018 which MonoDevelop and Mono versions do you use? Mono supports it since v4.3.1 as far as I know, not sure about MonoDevelop version..
Jun 30 2017 17:17

Mono version is 4.2.1 and monodevelop version is 5.10

Both installed using apt-get methods on mono site

Alexander Jochum
Jun 30 2017 17:33
@Wolverine2018 ok that Mono version is too old and I would guess MonoDevelop too.
Following the description here: should give you the latest Mono version 5.0.1 and for MonoDevelop checkout the instructions here: about the flatpack version.
I can't support you any further than this as I don't have Ubuntu so if something doesn't work as expected someone else can hopefully help you or you might find a solution using google..