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Jul 2017
Matt Ward
Jul 08 2017 11:11
@g - There was a similar problem reported for Visual Studio for Mac where the ASP.NET extension was not enabled.
Lex Li
Jul 08 2017 18:36
@Algraud MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio was the past. You should use Visual Studio Community if you do need (though you issue should be resolved if you install Developer Pack of .NET 4.5,
Collin Warren
Jul 08 2017 18:45
I'm having an issue. I'm trying to install MonoGame with MonoDevelop on Ubuntu 16.04 and MonoGame expected MonoDevelop 6. I followed the instructions for installing the flatpak and it installed MonoDevelop 7.0.1 which the MonoGame installer cannot detect. How do I uninstall the version of MonoDevelop I have and install an older version?
Collin Warren
Jul 08 2017 19:24
Nevermind, I managed to resolve the issue.