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Jul 2017
Josik Dranyj
Jul 18 2017 14:18 I show on this video how while(true) cycle stops after date changing. This video was recorded 28 Jan current year. I've written report to and mono version has already changed 2 times but bug is not fixed yet. What does it speak about?
Matt Ward
Jul 18 2017 15:24
@pinkfloyd11 - You need to avoid using msbuild or xbuild with VB.NET projects. Something is broken there. If you go into project options, right click the project select Options - Build - General, then uncheck Use MSBuild Engine then the build should work.
Ronoaldo Pereira
Jul 18 2017 23:03
Hey everyone!
So... I'm searching for over a month on how to get the same results from the Monodevelop IDE Assembly Browser (i.e., a fully decompiled C# code) via command line. Anyone knows if this is possible via a headless Monodevelop invocation or anything like that?
Alexander Köplinger
Jul 18 2017 23:13
the decompiler is based on the ICSharpCode.Decompiler library: if you take a look at the tests it should be easy to stitch together a simple command line app using that library which does what you want
Ronoaldo Pereira
Jul 18 2017 23:15
That is amazing info, thank you!
I'll take a look asap
I would but git hub just went down :O