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Jul 2017
Jul 22 2017 03:29

Hello - I'm trying to install the monodevelop flatpak on Ubuntu 17.04. Installation happens without issue, however I get a "/usr/bin/env: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/ file too short" when trying to run the flatpak.

$ flatpak run com.xamarin.MonoDevelop
/usr/bin/env: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/ file too short

Would anyone have any suggestions on getting this to work?
Dominik Schmidt
Jul 22 2017 05:19
@Ircy__twitter Thx for that information. I did some further tests and got it compiled on a Linux Mint system (6.2, 6.3, 7.0 and 7.1). So that´s fine. But it fails always on a Raspberry Pi 3. I got a lot of csc.exe errors like: "Failed to emit module 'xyz'" or "Compiler crashed with code: 1".
At the moment I use mono 5.2 Beta on the Pi to compile MD. With the stable 5.0.1 I always get Compiler crash errors so that won´t work. Has anyone tried MD compiling on a Pi?
My steps to compile MD are as followed:
  • Clean Raspian System with all Updates / Dependencies and mono 5.2 Beta installed from the mono repository
  • git clone --branch monodevelop- --depth 1
    (as an example)
  • ./configure --profile=stable --enable-release
  • make
    Did I miss something special ?
Zhmayev Yaroslav
Jul 22 2017 11:34
Hi guys,
I need support with
It seems to be unstable. Is there any other way to build addins and push them to Addin gallery (e.g. TravisCI -> some API for Addin Gallery)
Matt Ward
Jul 22 2017 13:23
There is no other way to publish addins to There seem to be some problems with the server unfortunately. It seems to be up for a while and then down.
Lex Li
Jul 22 2017 16:38
@salaros you can compile .mpack files, and upload to a site. The extension uses GitHub, so that users can manually install/upgrade. I uploaded a shell script to compile .mpack file on macOS,
@mlw4428 There is an alternative installer. You can refer to my post for more details,