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Jan 2018
Benoit Bergeron
Jan 12 20:46
Hi guy, quick question. I'm developping a tool on ubuntu 16.04 for Bluetooth BLE with Mono.BlueZ (C#). This tool discuss to the system via d-bus. I'm having a hard time developping the tool because I'm using MonoDevelop 7.3.2 (write code) AND Visual Studio Code 1.19 for debugging. Flatpak is preventing me to access anything other than org.freedesktop.dbus which is frustrating. Do you have any workaround? Can I compile MonoDevelop without using flatpak?
Alexander Jochum
Jan 12 22:06
@BenBergeron try this it might help you out. I didn't test it so I won't be able to help you further in case of problems or if you've questions.