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Jan 2018
Jan 18 2018 13:29
building monodevelop from source on ubuntu requires MONO_IOMAP=all be set, without it FSharp.Core .nupkg can't be found - is this documented anywhere ? is there a work around so that the var is not required ? This is a bother because this var being set causes problems with nuget package management within MD.
Jan 18 2018 13:34
is there a configuration to build a monodevelop linux installation package ( .deb ) ? I would really like to build MD on a faster desktop machine where the clone/build takes less than an hour and just install onto laptop/VM where the clone/build takes many hours.
Alexander Köplinger
Jan 18 2018 15:03
@germgerm MONO_IOMAP shouldn't be required, please file a bug at
Jan 18 2018 17:26
@akoeplinger - will do - just have to unset and rebuild to capture the actual error
Charles Christie
Jan 18 2018 22:45
Is there a place I can get a Windows binary for this program?
Pedro Larouca
Jan 18 2018 22:59
Hi still have versions 2 and 3. If you need pvt mail , I’ll send links