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Feb 2018
Marius Ungureanu
Feb 02 07:56
Okay, that's progress, the latter might definitely be a bug in AddinMaker
Feb 02 13:01
I got it down to this error for both x86 & x64 - removing monodevelop/main/build/AddIns/MonoDevelop.UnitTesting resolved - AddinMaker now builds and installs - will go back to scratch to see what is actually required to get this to build and install
AddinMaker/MonoDevelop.Addins.Tasks/bin/Debug/MonoDevelop.Addins.targets(125,5): error : There was an error while scanning assembly: /home/gerry/.setup/MD/monodevelop/main/build/AddIns/MonoDevelop.UnitTesting/VsTestConsole/x64/msdia140.dll: System.BadImageFormatException: Format of the executable (.exe) or library (.dll) is invalid. [AddinMaker/MonoDevelop.AddinMaker.Tests/MonoDevelop.AddinMaker.Tests.csproj]
Marius Ungureanu
Feb 02 14:09
@germgerm you can temporarily move it out, that is a native windows dll which cecil can't parse
probably the vstest adapter is missing a scanexclude
nope, it's a bug in addinmaker, it assumes that dlls are parse-able by cecil
@mhutch what should we do here?
Feb 02 14:52
Trying to compile the DynamicToolboxItems Sample or DateInserter created with AddinMaker has problems resolving gtk-sharp etc. Is looking for 2.12.0 ( 2.12.45 is installed ? ) A Gtk# 2.0 Project compiles and runs without issue. Sample won't compile at all due to unresolved gtk-sharp references. DateInserter will compile with warnings but displays error regarding something about array size - when prompted dopey me said run anyway and now it always runs and I can't see what that error was. Result is Insert date in Edit menu but grayed out.
Mikayla Hutchinson
Feb 02 17:03
@Therzok addinmaker just uses mono-addins
Alexander Jochum
Feb 02 19:19
@germgerm if Insert date in Edit menu is disabled then whatever should set info.Enabled to true in Update function of InsertDateHandler is setting it to false...
It should definitely get enabled when you set it to true by hand if not something else is not Ok.
In such a case a look in the Ide log file of MD might give further information or you try to debug..
Stupid question but you did have a document open before you opened the menu to check Insert date command? If not that was the problem..