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Repo info

    Hello, I am interested in your community effort to revive monodevelop as dotdevelop. I tried to compile the new dotdevelop_oe_8.6 branch on my ubuntu 20.04 system, but I get the following error during compilation:

    Xwt.GtkBackend/CustomListModel.cs(65,24): error CS0506: 'CustomListModel.Dispose()': cannot override inherited member 'Object.Dispose()' because it is not marked virtual, abstract, or override [/home/david/dotdevelop/main/external/xwt/Xwt.Gtk/Xwt.Gtk.csproj]

    steps as recommended in README:
    git clone -b dotdevelop_oe_8.6 https://github.com/dotdevelop/dotdevelop.git

    cd dotdevelop/

    ./configure --profile=gnome


    Lex Li
    @eit52david Unfortunately the README file didn't include all necessary details. You have to install gtk-sharp2, not gtk-sharp3, https://github.com/dotdevelop/dotdevelop/blob/dotdevelop_oe_8.6/.github/workflows/monodevelop.yml#L22
    You have to completely uninstall gtk-sharp3 and then install gtk-sharp2.
    Hello monodevelop does not open for me. I wrote in detail here: mono/monodevelop#9665 can you help?
    @lextm I just check whether gtk-sharp3 is (still) installed on my system, but I only have gtk-sharp2 now on my machine. It seems like I forgot to remove libglib3.0-cil and libglib3.0-cil-dev :D now it compiles (without VersionControl addin)
    I need sme help with monodevelop and adding code snippets from external .xml file (on linux)
    Where is a startup point in monodevelop extension? How can I run some extensions code on VS for Mac startup?
    Hello Everyone ... PLEASE --> Can anyone help me with this issue ? mono/mono#20755 // Getting byte array from a stream HIGH CPU usage on linux via MONO
    On windows it taking 0% CPU on linux via mono 50% :((( because of infinite loop .. but in this case we need record complete stream
    is there any chance on this chat.. that anyone can help ?
    Andres G. Aragoneses
    try with .NETCore/.NET5?
    Lex Li
    @helviett Starting from Jan 2020, VS for Mac and MonoDevelop were on separate ways, so if your goal is to develop an extension of VS for Mac, then the best resource is Microsoft at this moment. They didn't publish an article on how to extend VS for Mac 2019 (the old one is for VS for Mac 2017), so there can be huge changes coming in that closed source IDE.
    Lex Li
    @ramukka_twitter What kind of help do you need? Addins can define code templates (snippets) so you can follow examples like https://github.com/mono/monodevelop/blob/fb12ccb7f4245eca20803661deaa37ead0ec35af/main/src/addins/AspNet/Razor/Razor-templates.xml If your snippets are in XML files with another schema, you might convert to MonoDevelop's schema.
    can someone help with this error?
    mono_gdb_render_native_backtraces not supported on this platform, unable to find gdb or lldb
    Andres G. Aragoneses
    sounds like something you should ask in the mono channel, not here
    is monodevelop working with msys2_mingw64 >?
    Felipe Vega
    Hello fellow devs I hope youre doing well. I downloaded Mono from the official page expecting an executable like VisualStudio on download. But apparently I just have a black wondow for commands? I just wanna use Unity. How do I proceed from this?
    Alexander Köplinger
    I deleted your last two messages because they violated our code of conduct
    yes, Mono is just the runtime and you'll need an IDE to develop graphically. check Unity's docs to see what they recommend
    Craig Fowler

    Well, I think it's time to have my own little sunset of MonoDevelop. I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who's been involved in it (I recognise a good few names from this chat), it's been my go-to IDE for over a decade now. But, as the last of my OSS projects have migrated to .NET Core, I really have to let MonoDevelop go in favour of VS Code on GNU/Linux. I just had a look at DotDevelop and it doesn't seem to have gained enough traction to be useful right now. It's been a great run with MD all the same.

    Bye all!

    Matthew Perley

    @lytico I have to put it on github at some point and anything that is worthwhile to you, you're more than welcome to. It has been a few weeks since I last opened it up. I will let you know when I have gotten around to adding the project to github.

    @lextm Ok thank you! I thought it was still open just wasn't sure if anything had changed in regards to its open-ness lol.
    As i said above ill post again when i get to uploading my code, idk if it will work with what you guys are doing, I doubt my skills are on the same level lol. It was a toss up between making my own IDE or OS, so I took what I thought to be the simpler route first. Not so simple hahah.

    Thanks again!

    I'm trying to use MonoDevelop with Unity, but it isn't showing me syntax errors or any other sort of help, which I believe it's supposed to.
    I went into MonoDevelop options and set the exe to the particular Unity editor I'm using, but that hasn't helped.
    Anyone able to compile/run Monodevelop 8.x in Ubuntu/Linux distros? I cant seem to compile it.
    restrictions: does not run on systems where net5 or higher is installed!
    Lex Li
    @AvianOverlord the official announcement was years ago, https://blogs.unity3d.com/2018/01/05/discontinuing-support-for-monodevelop-unity-starting-in-unity-2018-1/ Follow it instead of believe in any other way.