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Repo info
    Lex Li
    @helviett Starting from Jan 2020, VS for Mac and MonoDevelop were on separate ways, so if your goal is to develop an extension of VS for Mac, then the best resource is Microsoft at this moment. They didn't publish an article on how to extend VS for Mac 2019 (the old one is for VS for Mac 2017), so there can be huge changes coming in that closed source IDE.
    Lex Li
    @ramukka_twitter What kind of help do you need? Addins can define code templates (snippets) so you can follow examples like https://github.com/mono/monodevelop/blob/fb12ccb7f4245eca20803661deaa37ead0ec35af/main/src/addins/AspNet/Razor/Razor-templates.xml If your snippets are in XML files with another schema, you might convert to MonoDevelop's schema.
    can someone help with this error?
    mono_gdb_render_native_backtraces not supported on this platform, unable to find gdb or lldb
    Andres G. Aragoneses
    sounds like something you should ask in the mono channel, not here
    is monodevelop working with msys2_mingw64 >?
    Felipe Vega
    Hello fellow devs I hope youre doing well. I downloaded Mono from the official page expecting an executable like VisualStudio on download. But apparently I just have a black wondow for commands? I just wanna use Unity. How do I proceed from this?
    Alexander Köplinger
    I deleted your last two messages because they violated our code of conduct
    yes, Mono is just the runtime and you'll need an IDE to develop graphically. check Unity's docs to see what they recommend
    Craig Fowler

    Well, I think it's time to have my own little sunset of MonoDevelop. I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who's been involved in it (I recognise a good few names from this chat), it's been my go-to IDE for over a decade now. But, as the last of my OSS projects have migrated to .NET Core, I really have to let MonoDevelop go in favour of VS Code on GNU/Linux. I just had a look at DotDevelop and it doesn't seem to have gained enough traction to be useful right now. It's been a great run with MD all the same.

    Bye all!

    Matthew Perley

    @lytico I have to put it on github at some point and anything that is worthwhile to you, you're more than welcome to. It has been a few weeks since I last opened it up. I will let you know when I have gotten around to adding the project to github.

    @lextm Ok thank you! I thought it was still open just wasn't sure if anything had changed in regards to its open-ness lol.
    As i said above ill post again when i get to uploading my code, idk if it will work with what you guys are doing, I doubt my skills are on the same level lol. It was a toss up between making my own IDE or OS, so I took what I thought to be the simpler route first. Not so simple hahah.

    Thanks again!

    I'm trying to use MonoDevelop with Unity, but it isn't showing me syntax errors or any other sort of help, which I believe it's supposed to.
    I went into MonoDevelop options and set the exe to the particular Unity editor I'm using, but that hasn't helped.
    Anyone able to compile/run Monodevelop 8.x in Ubuntu/Linux distros? I cant seem to compile it.
    restrictions: does not run on systems where net5 or higher is installed!
    Lex Li
    @AvianOverlord the official announcement was years ago, https://blogs.unity3d.com/2018/01/05/discontinuing-support-for-monodevelop-unity-starting-in-unity-2018-1/ Follow it instead of believe in any other way.
    Brad DeMorrow
    Is there an easy way to generate & manage csproj/sln files from the command line ?
    I'm on OpenBSD, where the dotnet utility isn't available at the moment.. Didn't know if mono had their own tooling for that
    Mark Wardell
    can i add .Net Core 5.0 to MonoDevelop project types? .Net Core 6.0?
    Lex Li
    @BicycleMark You can, but that would be trivial because dotdevelop/dotdevelop#53
    Mark Wardell
    @lextm looks like it is an open issue.... Guess I will pick my 'hacky trick' from the box of known 'hacky tricks' Would be nice to get this to get this one closed.
    Lex Li
    @BicycleMark move to VSCode or Rider and you can save a lot of time.
    Mark Wardell
    I hear alot of nice things about Rider
    Peter Patoschka
    hi there! anybody already installed monodevelop on 20.04?? Do you guys think its a good idea to mix in the monodevelop 18.04 repo into a 20.04 install ?
    I tried to add the 20.04 ... but it seems theres a whole lotta other mono stuff inside there but monodevelop shines with absence...
    Why for christs sake is the package the repo was made for missing(for app. 6months at least now)...
    not that i want to nag around, but a reasonable explanation would satisify my soul already
    Lex Li
    @patarok Any good idea takes significant amount of efforts. You can find some personal observation for your reference https://blog.lextudio.com/the-end-of-monodevelop-80b383dab34b
    hola hola hola
    Hello! Does anyone know if Monodevelop still supports classic ASP.NET Web forms programming?
    Lex Li
    @carevalolagos_twitter be mindful of what you are looking for. MonoDevelop does not have a visual designer for WebForms, so if you really want to program WebForms, VS on Windows is u hi our only option. You should also try very hard to migrate to ASP.NET Core/Blazor before more things break.
    Peter Patoschka
    @lextm Well, I see someone wrote this is the end of monodevelop, but I think, we don’t have to accept that and should try to keep it alive, as C# is a good language and monodevelop may be the best option to develop C#/.NET on Linux. They could also call it “Visual Studio for Linux” (!!!! YOU CAN UPVOTE THIS ON MICROSOFT FORUMS!!!!)
    Rider is nice and can do a lot of things, but it’s way too expensive for most young devs…
    And I really don’t mind it being (completely or at all)open source or closed source, as long as we can use it for free or by paying a small donation to some devs.
    Can’t see a problem with that since I would have to pay for Rider also(which is also closed-source).
    If there is just the tiniest ounce of truth in MSs new slogan : “Microsoft Loves Linux” they should also really look into it.
    MD failed when it ran into the debugging dotnet core problem. I also remember seeing one of the main developers mentioning that he "dogfooded MD, and found a bunch of issues..." and I was like, why are you not doing that regularly? when the main devs are not even using the product they're making it's a bit telling.
    Rider is good, it's a lot faster than VSCode and MD, it's expensive, but if you're working on an open source project that updates regularly, it's pretty easy to get a free license. it's disapointing that MD has apparently given up alltogether, but not unsurprising.
    I don't recomend VSCode at all, it's slow, and confusing.
    Luis Vargas
    where can I find tutorials for monodevelop 7.8?
    the tutorials in the website (https://www.monodevelop.com/documentation/creating-a-simple-solution/) are for older versions
    Pierre-Louis Prevost
    Hello, I'm trying to compile monodevelop v7.8.4.1 on Linux Centos7 using sources from https://download.mono-project.com/sources/monodevelop/monodevelop. I installed the prequesites as mentioned on the website https://www.monodevelop.com/developers/building-monodevelop/#prerequisites-and-source (dotnet-sdk-5.0, fsharp, gtk-sharp2, glib-sharp2, glade-sharp2, mono-core, mono-addins 1.1-3, libssh2 1.8, cmake). When running the configure script, I encounter the error: configure: error: Can't find "fsharpc" in your PATH. But the thing is: I DO have fsharpc installed in /usr/bin but it does not have rights in execution. Shall I add execution rights on the file ? Thanks
    Lex Li
    Unfortunately centos7 is a very tough platform to compile the source code. I was able to compile dotdevelop (a fork of MonoDevelop) on all LTS Ubuntu versions and centos 8, but centos 7 was the only platform to fail. @plprevost
    Pierre-Louis Prevost
    Indeed, after giving the execution right to /usr/bin/fsharpc solved my problem. So progress is coming... Now, the configure script of monodevelop detects now that fsharp is installed and works properly. But I now have another issue. The configure runs nicely but the make command ends with an error. I have the following error: "The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception.
    Authentication failed, see inner exception.
    Ssl error:1000007d:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED". This error message appears each time mono executes nuget.exe I think. Does anyone know how to solve this problem please? Thanks in advance.
    Pierre-Louis Prevost
    Hello, I am still trying to find a solution to successfully build the last sources of monodevelop and I am wondering why nuget packages need to be installed? Apparently, the site https://dotnet.myget.org does not have the correct ca certificates which cause me the errors mentioned above (CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED). Is it possible to disable nuget package installation before building monodevelop? Thanks!
    Lex Li
    @plprevost .NET Core support was very important for VS for Mac (and MonoDevelop) when 7.x release was being worked on. That's why many NuGet packages were introduced as new dependencies (from Microsoft's .NET MyGet feed.
    Maurice Marinus

    Hello. Im interested to find if others share the same views.
    1) mono was created as an open source implementation of the .net framework. But seeing as the shift is has been made to .net core, mono which is more or less on par with .net framework 4.8.x one can now expect very little new development with regards to mono?
    2) monodevelop. The open source ide which also runs on linux. It appears that there is almost no more development taking place (or open source development) as the focus is now on providing an ide for Mac.
    3) The mono and monodevelop implementations are now stagnating and favour seems to be on .netcore5/6 and Vs Code?
    4) I recall the Xamarin/Ximian community being very active. Yet it seems like everyone has disappeared? Even Miguel De Icaza doesnt appear to blog anymore. What happened?

    On a personal note:
    I check out many different projects from github on a daily basis. The ones I have the most issues with are believe it or not, the .net core projects.
    Am i correct in saying that .net core was touted to be cross platform? Yet things when I install .net core 5 on linux, I check out any major "dotnet" project e.g. dotnet/msbuild from github, I run the build script and then it fails. I usuallly end up having to make many corrections jsut too get it to compile or end up just giving up.

    What I would like to see... well for one, no false claims and illusions of support. What am I saying? Perhaps things should go back to how they were before xamarin joined microsoft. .. because I dont see any real gain for especially linux with regards to .net and c# and related techs happening. The focus is once again on the proprietary OS's.

    Lex Li
    @marinusmaurice Something you might have missed. 1) Merging with Mono CLR has been one of the main theme in .NET 5/6 and announced years ago. If you check dotnet/runtime, you can see Mono is there and evolving rapidly. 2) Years ago even Xamarin itself mainly emphasized on Xamarin Studio for Windows and Mac (Microsoft just followed that approach based on common business rules). 3) Ambition to move the whole ecosystem to .NET 5/6 and VSCode is never a secret, but you can stay on the legacy Mono/MonoDevelop if you know how to help yourself. Why shouldn't people move to something better? 4) What do you mean by "everyone has disappeared"? Even before the Microsoft's acquisition, more and more Xamarin related posts were written by newly hired product managers (like David Ortinau and others), instead of Miguel de Icaza. Xamarin GitHub repos also recommends developers to join the Discord https://aka.ms/dotnet-discord for a while. You can see active discussions there (as well as on GitHub repos).
    @marinusmaurice "I check out any major "dotnet" project e.g. dotnet/msbuild from github, I run the build script and then it fails" is expected, as that's living on the cutting edge. A core asset like MSBuild can be quite difficult to configure and compile, not only on Linux but also on other OSes. If you happen to use a Linux distribution that Microsoft didn't test, then more problems can come. Compiling Mono components from source code isn't easier if you really want to compare.
    Maurice Marinus
    @lextm Hi thank you for the reply. You have cleared up a few thoughts for me. Concerning things like the posts, its most likely havent caught up with whatever the latest means of communicating is nowadays. I would always look forward to blog posts from someone such as Miguel (for example on his personal blog) as I felt it to be more enjoyable
    But you are also quite hitting a nail on the head. I am more of a binary/compiled type than the interpreted type . So I find it difficult to let go of things like the VS/Monodevelp/Delphi IDE for something like VSCode. ;)
    Maurice Marinus
    I guess the old thing of not breaking the build when you check in your code doesn't apply anymore. Bleeding edge or not.. if you check it in .. it has to AT LEAST compile everywhere.
    Maurice Marinus

    It would be welcomed from me at the very least if things could be better announced instead of silence. For example here in Africa whilst we try try to keep up with things we perhaps dont have the communicative advantages that would exist elsewhere such as in the USA.
    E.g. I never knew that Xamarin's focus was to really join Microsoft and Mac. I thought it was to get develop an open source implementation of the dotnet framework and its main languages.
    So with that in mind.. lets say I've invested many years in mono/monodevelop/linux. and been wondering why the stagnation over past few years. Its literally burning in me to give my highly self opinionated first choice answer as to why this is but it will most likely be seen as a start of a war.
    Yes.. one can say I must move on to the latest thing.. but truth is .. I don't like nor trust the last Javascript fad that has everyone falling over their over feet to be ahead. I honestly don't. If you want to know why ,. have a look at for example the mozilla/firefox debug and/or code inspector code. With a little bit of thinking out the box and maybe a splash of old school computing knowledge, it would be very apparent why.

    but anyways. linux is left out in the cold again. $rules.

    linux has a massive dependency problem, but wont admit it, which has affected MD to a fair degree to what I understand, I think it was Lex tried to go the whole containerization route in an attempt to address the problem, but that ended having massive other problems with MD not having access to things it really needed.
    Lex Li
    @marinusmaurice "it has to AT LEAST compile everywhere" is only applicable to the preconfigured CI environments. You can check what they are from https://github.com/dotnet/msbuild and the only Linux environment there is the "ubuntu-latest" Azure Pipeline VM image. Putting too many Linux distributions out there for CI is just a waste of everyone's time.
    Maurice Marinus

    I actually disagree very much with your statement of its a waste of everyone's time putting out more linux distro's. Firstly, dotnet or rather at the very least .net core or whatever the latest crossplatform offering is is advertised with installation instructions for at LEAST 7 linux distro's.

    All products that are then compilable by the advertised version of dotnet (e..g .net5) SHOULD then by extension be compilable on the OS's it runs on.... without fail and especially without broken builds checked in.(btw.. when did that become the fashion?)

    Also regarding the issue of checking out code from github and compiling. I always thought that the one branch of code that SHOULD always work (i.e. compile for release etc) was the main/tip/head branch. So imagine me.. using Fedora, goes and checks out msuild. I run "build.sh" ... then I get enough errors to last a lifetime. Now .. perhaps MS handles their projects differently etc etc.. but to me to check out the main branch, hit compile and be faced with errors is a major sin.
    If the code exists for a build to only work on ubuntu, then it should go in the ubuntu branch.
    Why do I made these assumptions? Well.. because its advertised. Cross platform, I see my linux distro is in there .. so why should I not expect something to work? Another point is that there actually arent that many truly unique linux distro's. All more or less conform to a standard. All other distro's are based on the major ones.. so should in theory work.

    Note that my comments aren't said with malicious or hidden intent. Its all something that I'm surprised no one has mentioned.
    I believe a huge part of the success of C# and .Net as a framework is due to the IDE. If you ever used the IDE that came with for example VB6 (Visual Interdev) then you will understand what Im talking about. The part that I think ESPECIALLY stands out with the IDE is the WINFORMS DESIGNER which made RAD actually rather ejoyable.
    Albeit one can claim that it was more or less duplicated from the delphi ide (which was a wonderful ide for RAD in my personal opinion)

    I think MS is missing an opportunity to play a role in somewhat bringing unity to as claimed divided linux community albeit with regards to a small area of programming. They should do the ide on linux.. but do it THEIR way and not try satisfy squabbles between communities. (pref the ide will contain a winforms designer - and not whatever js decides) . If they do it well enough.. people WILL follow. They do have the resources.

    It would have maybe been a bit better to have announced intentions on the main website and not have to dig into various forums around the web to discover that projects are abandoned as I would prefer the news from the horses mouth.

    Lastly.As mentioned , none of my statements are meant in any devious or malicious way. It just seemed a waste to invest 15+ years in mono/monodevelop for someone to abandon it .. doesn't it? ;)