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Repo info
    Maurice Marinus
    anyhow.... mono does seem dead. so does monodevelop.
    Lluis Sanchez
    FYI, the mono/monodevelop repository has been archived. If you are interested in working on the project, even when archived you can still create a fork of it.
    A better starting point might be the DotDevelop fork https://github.com/dotdevelop/dotdevelop . Thanks to great work by @lytico and @tommih, this can now be built and run (unlike the archived MonoDevelop code) and currently works with projects up to netstandard2.0 and netcoreapp3.1. Work is ongoing to get it running with net5.0 projects, and all contributions and feedback are welcomed!

    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo mono /home/pi/Downloads/welcomePageView.exe
    Cannot open assembly '/home/pi/Downloads/welcomePageView.exe': File does not contain a valid CIL image.
    pi@raspberrypi:~ $

    does anyone know why is this error popping up?

    Lex Li
    @Hits17 You cannot download a random .exe file from somewhere and expect Mono to be able to run on. Mono can only run some .NET Framework based .exe files, and that's what the error message says.
    Hey @lextm . I am trying to run my python program that i have assembled in PyCharm IDE. Do you have any idea how can i run an executable python program on raspberry pi ?
    Yijian Liu
    Hi, I got this error when I open my visual studio on Mac: Service MonoDevelop.Ide.ProjectOperations not initialized. Can anyone help me how to fix it?
    Lex Li
    @Hits17 I don't. Python is not covered by the Mono ecosystem (unless IronPython), so you should go to a Python forum and ask there.
    @YijianLiu1210 VS for Mac no longer has anything to do with MonoDevelop so your only channel to get support is from Microsoft, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/mac/report-a-problem?view=vsmac-2019
    Yijian Liu
    @lextm Thanks!
    Julian Jarecki
    I'm trying to compile a Unity Project outside of Unity on Ubuntu.
    In Unity everything compiles fine, but when I run
    msbuild Assembly-CSharp-Editor.csproj
    Several Types/Namespaces from cross-assembly are not resolved (CS0246)
    Any Idea how to approach this problems would be welcome
    Hello, I'm try install Monodevelop monoENV to ubuntu18.04LTS, apt install monodevelop , fail reason 504 Gateway Timeout [IP: 443],
    Mono distribute server is down? ping command is ack dest
    hi folks, im attempting to install monodevelop on ubuntu 21.10 impish, can anyone confirm success?
    aah "This project has not been built nor maintained since January 2020 and has been archived"
    @mtj:matrix.org Have a look at the DotDevelop fork ( https://github.com/dotdevelop/dotdevelop ). There are instructions in the Wiki for building on ubuntu and other distros. It's an ongoing project, but can be built and will build and debug various .NET projects. Feedback (and contributions!) are welcomed.
    Eigil Krogh Sorensen
    Hi, I'making a snap from a xamarin gtk project. For that I need msbuild 16 for mono (found that that msbuild version can compile the code for my xamarin app on ubuntu (22.04). BUT right now I must install the full monodevelop to get msbuild 16 for mono. Is it possible to extract only msbuild for mono somewhere ?
    Andres G. Aragoneses
    why would you need the full monodevelop?
    @ekrogh as far as I understand, you just need to install the mono-msbuild or msbuild apt package
    @ekrogh I packaged a xamarin gtk project as a snap too, in case you want to check out how I did it, check my GitHubActions workflows here: https://github.com/nblockchain/geewallet
    (the frontend branch, not master)
    Eigil Krogh Sorensen
    Thanks! I did not know msbuild existed in apt package ! (The reason I want msbuild is that I want to compile my .csproj. I have no makefile - and I don't know if visual studio or vs code can make one. I don't know much about Makefile)
    Hi! is poassible to build modevelop/dotdevelop with msys2/mingw and mono ?
    Nikolay Mishev

    Hi guys,
    We are having an issue with a Visual Studio for Mac Extension build. Currently we have dependancies to MonoDevelop.Ide and MonoDevelop.Core and we have hardcoded version(17.0) the problem is that for example if Visual Studio for Mac 2022 Preview release new version17.2 our extensions stops working bacause it cannot find the dependancy with the correct version. So is there a way to build an Extension that would work in more than one Visual Studio for Mac 2022 release or we have to release new version of the Extension each time Visual Studio for MAC 2022 releases a new version?

    Excuse me if this question is not for this group, just did not find specific group for VS for Mac.

    Matt Ward
    @NikolayMishev Unfortunately this is not possible. There was an API break in VS Mac 17.3 so your extension would need to indicate it supports 17.3. The app compatibility version was changed from 17.0 to 17.3 due this API break which means extensions that target 17.0 will not be loaded by VS Mac 17.3. The main reason for this is if you are relying on the older API you may cause problems in 17.3 - my log monitor extension caused VS Mac 17.3 to crash, for example. You cannot have the same addin support both 17.0 and 17.3 without rebuilding it. Typically we avoid API breaks and an extension that targets an older VS Mac 17.x version would continue to work on later versions - this was the case for VS Mac 8.10 but we took an API break in 17.3 this time unfortunately.
    Nikolay Mishev
    Thank you a lot @mrward :)
    Hello people,
    I am having a i guess rather simple question though I just can't get it to work. I was trying to setup remote debugging via Soft Debugger and MonoDevelop. I added the "MONODEVELOP_SDB_TEST" variable to 1 or YES (different sourced advice to using different values i tried both though I do not think it make any difference). Unfortunately the "Custom Command Mono Soft Debugger " menu item, that is referenced everywhere i looked, never shows up. Some sources apparantly use MonoDevelop 4.0. Was the feature removed in later versions? I am using MonoDevelop 7.8.4.
    Thank you in advance.
    Jonathan Kirszling
    could anyone tell me when monodevelop will be officially available for the new Ubuntu 22.04 ?
    jammy is not listed
    Andres G. Aragoneses
    eoli3n: monodevelop is deprecated; the successor is dotdevelop
    Nikolay Mishev
    Hi guys me again.
    After I update VS for Mac 2022 to latest version I begun getting this error whenever I tried to build my extension.
    "Could not find a global instance of Visual Studio for Mac or MonoDevelop. Try providing an explicit value with MDBinDir"
    Any thoughts?
    I have VS for Mac 2019, VS for Mac 2022 and VS for Mac 2022 Preview installed if that helps.
    Dominique Louis
    @NikolayMishev if you are loading your extension in VS2022 make sure its building using dotnet and not msbuild. Right click the project solution and there should be an option to uncheck in there under Build->General.
    Nikolay Mishev
    Thank you for this but it does not seems to fix the issue.
    @knocte why not renaming the repo, then?
    Does anybody in the team care about fsharp?
    Andres G. Aragoneses
    @ShalokShalom because the maintainers of dotdevelop are not the same as the maintainers of monodevelop
    @ShalokShalom good question, I'm an F# dev myself too