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Repo info
    sorry team, but can someone show me any document for this. thanks!
    Mikayla Hutchinson
    there aren't any docs, sorry :(
    but if you want a good example, take a look at monodevelop's TextTemplating extension
    The https://github.com/mono/monodevelop/blob/18cb4035420fb0a6d4ce92e51afe74d991caa395/main/src/addins/TextTemplating/MonoDevelop.TextTemplating/MonoDevelopTemplatingHost.cs class was a true life-saver ! I was also able to pass in parameters by implementing the ITextTemplatingSessionHost . Thanks for the hint, @mhutch !
    Mikayla Hutchinson
    glad it helped :)
    Are the debug symbols available somewhere for the latest version from nuget.org (1.3.1) ?
    Mikayla Hutchinson
    not currently, no. I'll try to make sure they're included in the next build
    Christian Kahr
    hey mono team. :) just want to say thanks that u offer us this great tool. I looked extremely long for add t4 engines in net core project.... but no solution. after all found mono t4 and with just 1 command can use it. wonderful. :)
    Martin Kroupa
    Hi guys, is this chat active?
    Christian Findlay
    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has had success with using this tool in Azure Pipelines. The use case is for iOS apps built on a Mac agent. My T4 template works fine on Windows, but putting it through the pipeline doesn't pump out the output. Is there a guide on how to use this in Azure Pipelines by any chance? @mhutch
    Anders Gustafsson
    Hi @mhutch ! I have recently been using the dotnet-t4 2.2.0-preview packages from Github, but now decided to try out the official 2.2.0 release on Nuget. However, while the preview packages supported .NET Core 3.1, the official release only supports .NET 5. Is there any particular reason for not providing 3.1 support any longer? In other case, could you consider to provide an updated Nuget package with 3.1 support? Thanks in advance!