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Mar 2015
Harrison Lambeth
Mar 09 2015 02:56
the mechanics could go really as far as we wanted
I'm not really sure what you're asking though
David Terry
Mar 09 2015 03:18
I'l agree with @Cykon at least to the point of saying that one of the pitfalls to avoid on this project will be over-complication. We need to sit down very very soon and lay out exactly what our plan is and make extra sure that it matched up with our deadline.
Mar 09 2015 04:31
Alright, let me throw in some specific examples. You say that you want to add in the ability to battle other ships. What does that mean? Turn based? Movement with projectiles? RTS?
David Terry
Mar 09 2015 18:43
Hey guys sorry i'm not in class my illness finally caught up with me. If we are doing anything tonight to work on the project I'll be here though.