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Mar 2015
Mar 12 2015 00:34
Hmm, I added boat deceleration + acceleration
I also added code which prevents the boat from going in circles forever, but I actually kind of liked that so I turned it off
if you want to turn it back on set playerBoat's turnFix variable to true
I also think that it might be cool if we added a 'stop movement' button to the boat, something like pressing space will make it instantly stop turning and start decelerating to stop
or perhaps even pressing space would make the boat keep going straight without having to click, without deceleration
Mar 12 2015 00:56
'z' will make the ship decelerate to stop, 'space' will make the ship continue on it's current velocity without any turning
Mar 12 2015 01:20
OK GUYS, what if WHAT IF... instead of pirate ships, we have SPACE SHIPS
Mar 12 2015 01:50
Also, how do we want to handle ships colliding with each other, I could write some pathing, but perhaps it might be easiest if a collision is a one hit kill
Would let you kite ships into each other if facing multiple
Harrison Lambeth
Mar 12 2015 18:24
yeah that might work