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Andreas Müller
Looks like its not in the current master? or am I totally wrong?
I notes www.gravatar.com not working in monstra v 3.0.4
Happy Easter
sup guys
Yannick MESSAL
Hi all, somebod can explain why admin documentation is not filled ? thnak you
Jeremy Monroe
Where is everyone? Not much activity going on in here.
def. a neat flat file cms! also looks like most documentation that is not filled in are things that are explained elsewhere to me; alittle bit of php knowledge and you will have no problems though. looks good so far! keep up the work, and don't change the direction monstra
Benjamin Hagels
Hi guys can anyone help me with the style of syntax highlithing? I use markdown with programmcode but I dont like the style it is displayed. Where do I need to edit the css for this?
Hassan Shihab
severino do santos
i'm new for monstra cms
looking for way to setting up monstras available for amp-html with alternate links, i've check plugins list.. can't find anything
Hello guyz it works well for me , what about your concern
Hello guys
I want to know about code igniter
It's a framework
But I never work on that before
Tancredi Leone
Hi there, just wondering are you planning to release Mostra new upgrades?
I have a question.
What tag I need to give an opportunity to change images in certain places of website?
Sergey Romanenko
Hello Everyone!
currently working on new MONSTRA 4
here is a ticket monstra-cms/monstra#431
Sergey Romanenko
MONSTRA 4 it is totally rewritten engine based on MONSTRA 3 + FANSORO
hello everyone
hello everyone
who is know how can i add for monstra any user more registration field ?
Sergey Romanenko
Hello @/all
Monstra was rebranded to a new amazing project - Flextype
Pascoal Sistemas
yashwant thakur
i am a big fan of monstra, my max websites are in monstra for last 1 year..i have also customized it to my needs...tell me where to donate..i dont find and link to donate..in contribute section there is nothing showing..
anyone have disqus pugin monstra 3.0.4 working download link and how to use ?
and i have easy shop pugin but i want add more field when in front side user select or add any text for product if anyone have updated wersion let me know please thx
I need a demo.. is here any demo that we can check it.
juan trueno
Hi wee sre themes examples web?
Any link to see examples?
hi all
I want to know where is file log in monstra for edit
Marjan Panić
cms is discontinued so find alternative
Where is file log in
How can I find log in file in file manager???
Help me please!
Do you have any idea for Building web site???such as monstra have easy plan??