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WEBER Antoine
yes that would work
Hi all
Shahriver Hossain
hey all
I keep getting "Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined
at bootstrap-notify.min.js:1
at bootstrap-notify.min.js:1" when loading a page that loads bootstrap-notify.
<script src="https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.7/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>
<script src="bootstrap-notify.js"></script>
message: "SmartFunding partners up with Vistra to create an Escrow account for monies transferred by investors and SMEs! To know more about Escrow <a href=\"https://thestreet.smartfunding.sg/smartfunding-now-provides-an-escrow-account-for-monies-transferred-by-investors-and-smes-82aa1261517a\" target=\"blank\"> Click Here</a>"
allow dismiss: false,
from: 'bottom',
align: 'right'
why it is not working?
Hi, first this: Great plugin! Is it possible to display the notification in the body (or element) in another frame? The <iframe> in which the notoficationscript is loaded, is invisible. (This can't be done a different way.) So for example, where you set: Element: 'body', is there any construction like: Element: 'parent.body'?
And if so, how can it be done? Thanks in advance, Simon
As others have said, this looks like a great plugin! I'm in process trying to figure out how to implement in with my project. We're using CommonJS to define our modules. I've tried using that framework to do a code include: "require('./bootstrap-notify.js')", but when I issue the command to declare a notificiation: "var notify = $.notify('...')" I get an error "function 'notify' unrecognized". Is there something I'm missing with my implementation or is this code not configured for CommonJS import? JQuery should already be imported/referenced by the time this code is hit...
To follow up, I made the recommended change you issued May 04 2016 19:15 in this blog. At this stage, I'm getting 'factory function unrecognized' so I think I must be seeing a conflict with the module factory (AMD?) with which I am unfamiliar. Is this an essential conflict with the CommonJS approach?
Long struggle today - I explored your answer for Jake Smith, but that doesn't seem to solve my problem. Regardless whether I download the code directly or access via bower ('bower install remarkable-bootstrap-notify'), I get the same result where Dev tools error reports '$.notify is not a function'. If I modify the end of the bootstrap-notify.js to read '}(jQuery)));' I get an error saying 'factory is not a function' in the CommonJS portion of the UMD in the first part of the module. In this latter case, I'm not sure I'm invoking the module correctly... I'm still calling it with a CommonJS 'require' statement ala 'require("./my/path/bootstrap-notify.js");' -- soooo if I'm missing the secret JavaScript handshake on how to invoke this with JQuery properly, I'd appreciate any guidance you might have. Or any other suggestions or follow-up questions for that matter :)
Looking closer, it seems the problem revolves around the jQuery '$' scope. I've imported jQuery earlier in my application, before the include of bootstrap-notify. Then bootstrap-notify appears to import jQuery on it's own and assign the 'notify' function to that '$' scope. After my require statement of notify-bootstrap however, my previously instantiated jQuery '$' scope doesn't appear to be updated by the bootstrap-notify library. What am I missing in my integration to get the previous jQuery context updated???
Problem solved. Totally on me. We'd improperly imported jQuery using a script tag outside of our CommonJS/Browserify application context - which caused Browserify to not manage the jQuery context w/i 'bootstrap-notify' as being shimmed to the jQuery outer context. Newb-moment for sure, but good lesson learned.
Blake Whitley
New to bootstrap-notify...awesome plugin! However, I am having an issue where I'm making an ajax call and if an error, I'm calling $.notify(....). The first time works fine, but subsequent calls that have an error, I have one more notification than the previous (ie. 1 notification, then 2 notifications, then 3, etc.). I'm closing each time so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions?
Haider MA

that's great work, i admire programmers like you, i had it working but not completely, the notification appear but without animation, it just pops up and close without animation, the files i imported are the JS ones : <script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.0/jquery.min.js"></script>

<script src="//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.1.1/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>
<script src ="js/bootstrap-notify.js"></script>
<script src ="js/bootstrap-notify.min.js"></script>
<script src ="js/test_meteor.js"></script>
<script src ="js/package.js"></script>
<script src ="js/Gruntfile.js"></script>

anything iam missing?
the other files such as JSON files are in the same folder but did not include them in the webpage, i thought i only need the JS files included.
Simple question, do I need to custom define css to get the animate: {
enter: 'animated bounceIn',
exit: 'animated bounceOut'
to work
Silly me, nvm I just found the github question where this was answered. I need Animate plugin. Thanks.
Btw... Love the notify package! :smile:
Haider MA
@Disciplemike can you share that answer link please?
is anyone can help me with creating notification without autoclosing?
i need to create notification and close by some callback. is it possible?
Sambou Diallo
How to run the $.notify code with a button please ?
Hi.. I want to use the OnClosed, but it always triggered before the notify closed yet.. Any help for me?
Already Solved... :D
Tejas Prithvi
Hello, is there any way to pass HTML into the notification instead of adding the notification content in the JS?
how can i use this can u make me clear ??
Anyone here?
Arpit Agarwal
You're joking?
Arpit Agarwal
Nobody uses bootstrap anymore. Switch to angular
Could you give me a link
Jaykumar Chaudhary
@mouse0270 will this support desktop notification ?
Ahmed Shahrour
Hey @mouse0270 , I'm using Vue. Is there anyway I can use the package in a js file?
(Not jQuery....)
Muhammad Arslan
is there anyone online..???
hello my name is gaassis
i wanna translate the documentation to arabic language, can i do it ?
divaker chauhan
Hi team
can we use notify in angular8 with the anymation effect
divaker chauhan

Hi team
can we use notify in angular8 with the anymation effect

i used this plugin

above the image i have already setted timeout and all property but its not hiding auto after the time duration and not able to click on dismiss icon
in the behind of same replica of this notification is auto hiding but html is still present in dom any idea ?
div data-notify="container" is not removing
i cannot link it with my project

I think i found a bug but i'm not 100% sure.

When i add a notification to 2 different elements (settings the same) then i get an unwanted position of the notification fired second if the first one is still visible. (Seems like the position is like it would be if the notifications were on the same element)

i hope u know what i mean? maybe its just misunderstanding of the intended usage :)