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Mar 2015
Peter Van Roy
Mar 21 2015 17:52 UTC
How does this chat room compare to the mozart-users group?
Christopher S. Meiklejohn
Mar 21 2015 17:52 UTC
Hi Peter!
Stewart Mackenzie
Mar 21 2015 20:38 UTC
@petervanroy Essentially the greater github community can quickly interact with mozart2 community users. Simply put, it's IRC where the IRC channel is the actual github project. One can refer to issues, say for example this one: #258 in a succinct efficient manner. The same github login can be used to interact with other projects whom might use mozart2 or its dependencies. Now, with a bit of hand waving, gitter (this platform) has a good chance of substantially reducing IRC traffic to freenode, the goto place for devs wanting to interact with the community around X technology.
one can also do code highlighting