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Sep 2016
Arliss Collins
Sep 01 2016 18:26
Hi there @KirstieJane - don’t think I can make today’s meeting. I am running a fever from my wasp bite - darn bug may have given me a bit of an infection and my hand is the size of a small grapefruit. I need to sleep this off so I’m going offline. Do you have some time tomorrow we can chat ? what about 3:30pm BST (10:30am ET) ? Sorry about this but wouldn’t be much good today.
Kirstie Whitaker
Sep 01 2016 18:28
Oh boooooo @arlissc - that sounds terrible
Yes - absolutely let's do tomorrow. I'll need to be off the call at 4:30pm but if we can do a good hour then we'll be rocking
So so sorry you're so unwell :worried:
Arliss Collins
Sep 01 2016 18:29
totally agree - let’s hunker down for an hour and take if from there. thanks so much.