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Oct 2016
Oct 24 2016 04:55
@KirstieJane Will all the sessions be streamed live?
Kirstie Whitaker
Oct 24 2016 10:55
Hi @WinnieMakokha - I don't think they will....
@arlissc might be able to correct me there...but I don't think we're streaming sessions in the Open Science space at MozFest
Arliss Collins
Oct 24 2016 14:44
Hi @WinnieMakokha - Kirstie is correct - some floors may be streaming some of their sessions but Open Science is not.
Sam Penrose
Oct 24 2016 14:48
Can someone remind me if learning labs will have projectors?
Kirstie Whitaker
Oct 24 2016 15:07
Hi Sam - all learning labs will have screens - they might not all be projectors but you'll be able to show something to your participants for sure :smile:
Sam Penrose
Oct 24 2016 17:05
Thanks KirstieJane!
Oct 24 2016 17:41
Dear @KirstieJane thanks a bunch for your help so far. (1) To followup with one of the earlier questions today, is there a way to request a projector for my session #480? (basically anyway for me to show what's on my computer to participants) It is apparently floor 9 room 902. (2) Will there be big pieces of paper for people to write on? (3) I know this was asked before and know that we should have a backup plan, but can I reasonably expect there to be internet access for everyone?
Kirstie Whitaker
Oct 24 2016 17:51
Hi @penyuan - all the sessions will have a screen
you're all set for showing your computer to your session participants :smile:
I'm sure we'll be able to find a few big pieces of paper. If you need lots and lots of very large paper then send me an email with more details. But we'll have pens and paper and sticky notes and things for you to write on
Yes - you can reasonably expect there to be internet access....for you. But I don't think you can expect everyone in your session to be able to connect or to have their own device.
I hope that helps :smile:
Hey @/all - I'm about to go into my Book Club (we're reading Frankenstein this month) and I'll be offline
Kirstie Whitaker
Oct 24 2016 17:56
but FIRST THING tomorrow morning I'll send our final updates for the schedule
So please please check your session at the MozFest app website (eg: and send me an email with any updates that you need to fix
Thank yooooou! :smile:
And see you soon!
(My email address is
If you can answer questions in another language feel free to let me know that too!
(If you haven't already)
Sam Penrose
Oct 24 2016 21:20
Gonna spam y'all with a few questions. First, is anyone interested in trading practice sessions (I serve as a practice audience for your talk, then you do so for mine)?