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Aurelia Moser
Hello @brute4s99 !
Anne Fouilloux
I am trying to set-up a new mozilla group for our university in Oslo (Norway). I forked the repository https://github.com/mozillascience/studyGroup to https://github.com/uio-carpentry/studyGroup but I don't see the resulting website https://uio-carpentry.github.io/studyGroup. I got an error (page not found). I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Can anyone help me? thanks.
It looks like, you need to make 1 commit or change to any file in the fork to trigger the update :)
Maybe you can change the "title" in the _config.yml https://github.com/uio-carpentry/studyGroup/blob/gh-pages/_config.yml
I hope this helps! Have a nice weekend! (also I will tell my friend Sarah out in Oslo to link up with your studyGroup when you're all up and running)
Anne Fouilloux
@joeyklee You are right! I updated _config.yml and now it works. I just needed to follow all the instructions... Thanks!
Joey Lee
@annefou no problem. I didn't actually know that we needed to make a commit first to get the page up and running. Good to know!
👋 hey @/all is there a group for MozFest 2018? who is attending?
Piyush Aggarwal

Hello @brute4s99 !

hi !

José Calderón
Hi everyone
I'm from Colombia and I'm planning a study group to do spanish model in Mozilla DeepSpeech proyect.
José Calderón
Hi everyone , I'm trying to publish the WebSite but show me and 404 error, how can fix this? Thanks to your mentoring.
hello all 👋
Hey all! Any active study group in Montreal?
hello @/all is anyone keen on giving a skype-talk on open science. This talk is for graduate students, July 15
@/al can i create a group?
Stephanie Wright
I'm so sorry @/all ... while we announced the closing of the Science Lab and changes to Study Groups in other places, we never announced it here! So many communication methods!
Here is the blogpost we ran last year about the closing of the Lab: https://blog.mozilla.org/foundation-archive/mozilla-science/news-from-mozilla-science-lab/
Unfortunately, the takeover of the Study Groups by the Carpentries didn't take place as we had hoped for various reasons on both sides. The good news is that Study Group materials are available on GitHub and you are welcome and reuse the materials there to start your own Study Group without our support: https://github.com/mozillascience/studyGroup
I'll work on updating that documentation now to include this information to try and eliminate any future confusion.
Patrick Robinson