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Oct 2015
Alex Hokanson
Oct 23 2015 17:47
I have the following log4j v1.x config but I’m not getting any events into graylog. I am having trouble verifying the request is even being sent, but I wanted a second pair of eyes to see if my config is correct?
<appender name="gelf" class="biz.paluch.logging.gelf.log4j.GelfLogAppender">
        <param name="Host" value=""/>
        <param name="Port" value="12202"/>
        <!--<param name="Facility" value="ngen-dev"/>-->
        <!--<param name="ExtractStackTrace" value="true"/>-->
        <!--<param name="FilterStackTrace" value="true"/>-->
        <!--<param name="MdcProfiling" value="true"/>-->
        <!--<param name="TimestampPattern" value="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,SSSS"/>-->
        <!--<param name="MaximumMessageSize" value="2097152"/>-->
        <!--<param name="AdditionalFields" value="Application=ngen-dev"/>-->
        <!--<param name="MdcFields" value="mdcField1,mdcField2"/>-->
        <!--<param name="DynamicMdcFields" value="mdc.*,(mdc|MDC)fields"/>-->
        <!--<param name="IncludeFullMdc" value="true"/>-->