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Dec 2015
Jonathan Grupp
Dec 01 2015 09:26
@f-lira: this generator is not supposed to be used with the ionic CLI, you should use the wrapped cordova CLI like this: gulp --cordova 'run ios' for instance. Find more here and in the cordova CLI documentation.
@millerf: wonderful! Really glad you benefit from our generator :)
@nickovruchsky: I'm not sure what your problem with npm-registry-client is. It's not a package that is directly used by the generator. So you'd have to provide more information. Changing the file structure is not recommended, at all, the file structure is tightly coupled to all the gulp tasks and everything else and it'll be a lot of work. If you have any suggestions on use cases that might be great to integrate let us know and it might become a part of the generator.