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Dec 2015
Samuel Marks
Dec 29 2015 06:26
What version of Node.JS is generator-m-ionic compatible up to?
Mathias Maier
Dec 29 2015 10:57
Hi @dmastag first of all: thank you. We already have minify/uglify in the genetator, just use --minify during a build, as described here. Right now, there are no plans to integrate template cache, but you can open an issue on github and we can disucss it there. :)
hi @SamuelMarks right now the generator should be compatible with node 4 and 5. If you got any issues, please report them on github in the issue tracker.
Samuel Marks
Dec 29 2015 23:49
@MathiasTim yeah, even with Node.JS v4.2.4 gulp karma fails with Module 'ngHtml2Js' is not available!
SamuelMarks @SamuelMarks reported issue => mwaylabs/generator-m-ionic#303