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Troy Dietz
Troy Dietz
I don’t think you should create components for the simple purpose of implementing a global reducer or saga. Components are intended to be a mechanism for implementing things you can see, like html. In my opinion, you should add global reducers in the reducers.js file. I don’t have my repo open at the moment so I can’t check, but I’m pretty sure there’s one example in react-boilerplate already. I think it’s the language reducer or route reducer. I’d follow that pattern. As far as global sagas, react-boilerplate does not have architecture for that yet. This is an acknowledged missing feature. This issue has been raised in the past and the contributors are aware of its common use case. However, no one has created a PR that implements global sagas. I have my own implementation. I created a sagas.js file, much like the reducers.js file that comes with react-boilerplate. If you follow the redux-saga docs, it’s not hard to implement your own. If you’d like to see how I did it, send me your email. I also may attempt to open my implementation as a PR on the react-boilerplate in the future.
@troydietz Ok, but I can't understand where is the line between making all reducers and sagas global and making some sagas-reducers global, some local. Is it ok to have all reducers in global scope or is it bad design? Looks like there is no big performance gain in loading reducers-sagas only when a user opens the exact page.
BTW, if you think that putting sagas-reducers in the dumb component is a bad idea, what do you think about using TopBar for such purposes? :) I have TopBar on all pages in the dashboard, so I can put all sagas-reducers in this component as a dirty hack.
Arnaldo Gabriel
How can I get the url parameters from a React component?

@agmm If you are in a component wrapper in withRouter, you can just do something like this:

function Component(props) {
console.log(props.match, props.location);
export default withRouter(Component);

If your component is wrapper in the withRouter HoC, match, location etc will be passed in as props

Arnaldo Gabriel
@nik-john Thanks. I will give it a try.
is there anyway i could use multiple FormattedMessage with Helmet ?
Ghulam Hussain
is there any resources to convert react-boiler plate app to react-native app.
Hi, how can I add hot reloading to the server directory, I tried nodemon but it prevents the page from automatically refresh
@BaptisteGarcin Checkout the hot reload middleware's github page, they have some links there to do it
Kamran Nazir
Hello guys is it possible to use css-modules and sass together in react-boilerplate?
@Globolobo I read the doc and tried to pass webpack-hot options in addDevMiddlewares.js withotu succcess
Swapnil Bukkawar
Hi, I am trying to add antd module to react-boilerplate 3.6.0 , but its not working . is anybody having such issue ?
Swapnil Bukkawar
How to add third party lib in react-boilerplate ?
Jim Lesperance
Hi @swapbuk please read the Doc Specifying dependencies
Swapnil Bukkawar
@cooljl31 thanks Jim
Carlos Santiago
hi, how exactly the server gets added to the buil?
Gabriel Fernandez

Hello everyone,

Could someone explain to me the best way to integrate the admin-lte template with boilerplate? I was very much in doubt about the best way to add deployments like jquery and bootstrap

Karma Drukpa
learning react now.
how can I render a component into the DOM?
Any help will be appreciated.
Tobias Winkler
hey folks, i am wondering: why does react boilerplate use .js files over .jsx? is there a specific reason for this decision?
Tobias Winkler
has anyone has seen a pwa version of this boilerplate with service worker setup?
liujian zhang
React that can't see the jsx.makajs.org
Hey, have I broken someting or is state not meant to persist when hot reloading?
Đặng Xuân Quang
Hi there. Anyone having problem with content download is too slow?
My main.js is about 800kB (~200kB gzip) but it take almost 0.5s to download the content

Anyone, in combination with semantic ui in the react-boilerplate (https://react.semantic-ui.com/usage), I executed the yarn add semantic-ui-react in the root directory of the react-boilerplate
There was an error:

Error /home/atom/FormalProject/react-boilerplate/node_modules/pngquant-bin: Command failed.
Exit code: 1
Command: node lib/install.js
Directory: /home/atom/FormalProject/react-boilerplate/node_modules/pngquant-bin
⚠ The /home/atom/FormalProject/react-boilerplate/node_modules/pngquant-bin/vendor/pngquant binary doesn't seem to work correctly
Png pngquant pre-build test failed
i compiling from source
Png pngquant pre-build test passed successfully
✖ Error: pngquant failed to build, make sure that libpng-dev is installed

ok. I solved it
Hi what react-boilerplate think about organizing by features instead of components and containers.
Liu Zhiheng
Hi, have anyone setup Github pages of react-boiler plate by Travis?
Jorge Gomez
Hi, does anybody worked with firebase and this boilerplate? I want to try to work with push notifications online and offline.
Can someone discuss the following with me about store integration?
i cant find rootSaga
I have difficulty integrating feathersJS with the feathers-react module.
Hello everyone! How can I use svg as background in styled-components? It doesn't import correctly.
I tried this: https://prnt.sc/lkqjydT
Problem solved)
I've just opened an issue
if people can help that would b ecool
Thijs den Braver
I'm trying to install the boilerplate but for some reason it fails. Does someone know what I am doing wrong?
https://justpaste.it/6na8x This is my terminal output