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    @zkimyes thks
    Милош Живковић
    hey !
    why is one row with default values added to table
    when I do a POST req?
    does anybody know how to estamblish php pdo connection without need to enter password if it's written in [client] section in /etc/mysql/conf.d/some.cnf ?
    for example, $pdo = new PDO('mysql:host:port...', 'user', null) ?
    ah, sorry, did not notice that this is node.js chat :/
    Hello. Guys, did anyone have access problems after installing the version 5.7 on Linux? Those. after a successful installation, when I try to start the mysql, I write an access error, run both from under the user and from under the superuser. Found a temporary solution, in the
    sudo service mysql stop
    mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &
    But this is temporary. Has anyone encountered a similar one?
    Guilherme Or

    Hello guys, I hope you are going well!

    Before anything, sorry about my english. lol

    My question is, I have a Users table, in that table there's about 200k users and I also have a file with the same registers that before I used "load data" to populate the table.

    Now I need to compare this Users table with a temporary "Users" table, where I will update just the differences betweem both, or insert the new ones, etc...

    What I'm afraid is the execution time for this updates. I'm using mysql, what is better, a script that updates one by one? a procedure will works fine with 200k vs 240k?

    Could you guys can suggest something?

    Thank you!

    @vl-elitov did you try change my.cnf the option bind_address to firewall_cmd to enable 3306 port access? tables directory /lib/mysql/ to mysql:mysql?
    @chameleonor what do you want to do you mean add extra user which is exists inside the file but not exists inside table?
    if this is your case please add table data directyl and using ( LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'file_name' IGNORE ....)
    Guys is this related to https://github.com/mysqljs/mysql ? Or a different client ? :/ Was having a curiousity about the pool connection. It seems it doesn't release connections even when using connection.release everytime I make requests is stacks up ...
    Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 02.40.11.png
    fixed this by adding set global wait_timeout=3;
    set global interactive_timeout=3; in mysql my.cnf config :/
    but not too sure if this is the correct option ? :D now i have to reconnect mysql workbench every 3 minutes. oh well
    Joshua Aroke

    I'm having problem with mysql server which use to sleep after sometime on the server(AWS Ubuntu instance). I'm mysql with java Spring-boot.

    Mysql will not work after long hours of not interacting with the web app and will start working after I restart the app

    Hi guys
    Can someone provide a delete query to delete older records(older than 5 days)for the below mysql tables with references, without corrupting my existing data.
    I have no clue to write a coordinated delete query (deleting multiple tables in same query)
    Hello room.. :smile:
    أحمد عاكف
    Why sqlite isn't a server and every dbms else is a server ?
    Why we need do start this server and stop
    Why mysql isn't just files
    I have 2 columns that have time data that looks like "2017-12-06 18:50:27 +0000" . What mysql function can I use to get the difference in HOURS of the 2 date time strings? I tried DATEDIFF(time_string_1, time_string_2) but it isn't working. What else can I use?
    Hi any website where I can get all MySQL queries like trigger,cascade etc. Please share with..... Thanks
    I want connect mysql 8.9
    but i get this error:
    mysql 8.0, not 8.9
    Hi Guys , I have the problem with mysql cluster.When insert or update data in some table with many registers. Get the error #1114 the table "xxx" is full. Has someone happened to you?
    @wuxiaolan91 try $ npm install @mysql/xdevapi this driver
    Sarit Vakrat
    Hi, im using mysql-promise and when I close the pool the node process never closes, any ideas?
    Hi everyone I havent used gitter much I need a little mysql help and Im not sure what Room to join
    vijendra singh
    vijendra singh
    how to add integer when 2 string collides
    any help

    This is my model.js

    module.exports.getUser = userId => {
      const sql = {
        sql: "SELECT * from user where user_id=?"
      const sqlParams = [userId];
      connection.query(sql, sqlParams, (error, results, fields) => {
        // Handle error after the release.
        if (error) throw error;
        return results;

    this is my service.js

    module.exports.getUser = () => {
      let user = User.getUser(1);
      return user;

    But in my service.js file its coming as undefined but in model.js (inside the callback) its printing the results correctly.

    how can i pass this results back to the calling method in service.js

    Please help
    Hi, i did that using Q library, anyone else has better approach
    Abhinav Taneja
    hi there I'm having an issue creating and inserting into table from terminal but can do it from workbench
    It should be a syntax problem but i think i'm using the correct syntax