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    Sorry if this sounds dumb but Im fairly new to databases. Thanks in advance.
    Emiliano Heyns
    Is this proper for for IN queries: 'DELETE FROM items WHERE itemKey in (?)', [['a', 'b']]), or should I use 'DELETE FROM items WHERE itemKey in ?', [['a', 'b']])?
    lokendra singh chouhan
    Emiliano Heyns
    I'm well aware of those, which is why I want to use parametrized queries, I just don't know a) whether mysqljs supports array values, and b) whether I should use IN ? or IN (?) when I use them.
    Alexander Tunick

    Hi guys! Having made a simple query with count() operator i'm obtaining badly formatted response where the value's name in object is a part of my query that looks stupid

    [ RowDataPacket { 'count(distinct `jpp`.`job_position_id`)': 10 } ]

    could I somehow change it?

    it would be great to have something like:
    [{'result': 10}]
    [{'': 10}]

    hello everyone, /\

    I'd like to make an app with nodejs, mysql

    1. what driver/module should I use ?
      (if mongodb, I use "mongoose")

    2. I'd like to deploy it to heroku, where should I host the database ?
      (if mongodb, I use "mlab")

    thank you very much for the guidance

    Why this sql cannot run ?
    select * from project_application_records par inner join (select * from project_version pv where pv.project_id = par.project_id order by version desc limit  1) as prv
    Here is the error
    [42S22][1054] Unknown column 'par.project_id' in 'where clause
    Here is the table struct
    id    bigint(20)    NO    PRI        auto_increment
    application_info    json    NO    ""        ""
    application_method    int(11)    NO    ""        ""
    created_at    datetime    NO    ""        ""
    process_instance_id    varchar(255)    NO    ""        ""
    status    int(11)    NO    ""        ""
    updated_at    datetime    NO    ""        ""
    dynamic_form_id    bigint(20)    NO    MUL        ""
    project_id    bigint(20)    YES    MUL        ""
    user_id    bigint(20)    YES    MUL        ""
    real_time_application_status    varchar(255)    YES    ""        ""
    lokendra singh chouhan
    Different Types Of SQL Joins https://www.technolush.com/blog/sql-joins
    hello everyone'
    [ERROR] Found 1 prepared transactions! It means that mysqld was not shut down properly last time and critical recovery information (last binlog or tc.log file) was manually deleted after a crash. You have to start mysqld with --tc-heuristic-recover switch to commit or rollback pending transactions.
    2019-05-13 16:41:21 140652249397056 [ERROR] Aborting
    Hello everyone,
    I want to get the hierarchical structure of all dbs and their tables in MySQL. What is the best way in MySQL to achieve so
    I want like: If I have two dbs: db1 and db2 with each db having 2-3 tables. I want to get the data in such form that It will print like (db1, table1), (db1, table2), (db2, table1)... and so on
    lokendra singh chouhan
    hi guys, this is my first time trying to learn about mysql, and I am doing a mysql localhost:3306 but I keep on receiving access denied for user root@localhost, any of you encounter this error? thank you so much...
    Patryk Kotarski

    Hello, dears.

    I'd like to create an array of integers from 1 to 63,000. How do I do in mysql?

    Santiago Suárez
    I have a problem with mysql in nodejs
    no connect to database but the database exist
    Tarun Wadhwa
    Hi, I just restored mysql 5.6 dump to rds with mysql 5.7. have started getting malformed packet errors for specific keys.
    The confusion is that error doesnt come every time we query.Its quite random
    Mysql version 5.7.12. Things are working fine 5.7.25
    Tarun Wadhwa
    I get Lost connection to MySQL server during query django for specific keys only.
    vijendra singh
    i am trying on this query
    any help
    This query gets run every month and produces results for a single month. I'd like to be able to input a base month, and have the query produce a table for each month, and then combine the output into a single output.
    any help on it would be much appreciate
    Looking adjust in the the query
    have any mysql table shard solution ?
    hello here
    Lucas Lobosque
    I have a table representing financial transactions between user with fields DateCreated, amount, sourceAccountId, targetAccountId --- How do I get the most recent movement for each user in a single query in an efficient way?
    HI !
    Hi ! Looking for help in Php/mysql have few question if your avaible pm me ! Thanks
    why my req not work for table 2 million rows ????SELECT ticket from ticket_custom USE INDEX(ticket_ov) where ticket NOT IN (select id from idanomalie)
    Hello guys I'm having difficulty with an insert statement that is containing a where clause can someone assist me please
    Sushil Sharma
    Hey guys
    i have a quick question anyone like to help
    After registering a user i want to fill all the empty data related to that user in other tables in my database i am using Mysql
    One way to do is , I can make another db calls at the time of user creation to fill the tables but i don't think its the best way to approach
    If its the only way then also tell me :p
    Nicolae Olariu
    Hi everyone! Quick question: soft or
    Soft or hard delete data?
    I’ve read a lots of threads on the internet and opinions are quite spread and I was wondering what do you guys think.
    It’s about deleting some users instead of deactivating those. MySql.
    Brandon Zacharie
    Users? Soft unless you’re ok with orphaning or cascade deleting referencing rows and the perf hit for deleting
    hi guys
    when we use show global status and when go with "show status" ?
    anyone has ideas?
    Hi guys, sorry I have question, I using Cloud SQL (MYSQL) in GCP, more than last 2 weeks the memory increased, my question why the spike not decreased again, the trend now is flat since 2 weeks. how do I check in detail the causes and how do I fix it ?
    Nalin Bhardwaj
    Long shot but does anyone here know how Mysql/InnoDB works with indexes if there are multiple tables with different collation servers? So, if I have table1 with utf8mb4 collation and table2 with latin1_swedish_ci collation, if I join them is there a big performance hit?