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Repo info
    vijendra singh
    any help on it would be much appreciate
    Looking adjust in the the query
    have any mysql table shard solution ?
    hello here
    Lucas Lobosque
    I have a table representing financial transactions between user with fields DateCreated, amount, sourceAccountId, targetAccountId --- How do I get the most recent movement for each user in a single query in an efficient way?
    HI !
    Hi ! Looking for help in Php/mysql have few question if your avaible pm me ! Thanks
    why my req not work for table 2 million rows ????SELECT ticket from ticket_custom USE INDEX(ticket_ov) where ticket NOT IN (select id from idanomalie)
    Hello guys I'm having difficulty with an insert statement that is containing a where clause can someone assist me please
    Sushil Sharma
    Hey guys
    i have a quick question anyone like to help
    After registering a user i want to fill all the empty data related to that user in other tables in my database i am using Mysql
    One way to do is , I can make another db calls at the time of user creation to fill the tables but i don't think its the best way to approach
    If its the only way then also tell me :p
    Nicolae Olariu
    Hi everyone! Quick question: soft or
    Soft or hard delete data?
    I’ve read a lots of threads on the internet and opinions are quite spread and I was wondering what do you guys think.
    It’s about deleting some users instead of deactivating those. MySql.
    Brandon Zacharie
    Users? Soft unless you’re ok with orphaning or cascade deleting referencing rows and the perf hit for deleting
    hi guys
    when we use show global status and when go with "show status" ?
    anyone has ideas?
    Hi guys, sorry I have question, I using Cloud SQL (MYSQL) in GCP, more than last 2 weeks the memory increased, my question why the spike not decreased again, the trend now is flat since 2 weeks. how do I check in detail the causes and how do I fix it ?
    Nalin Bhardwaj
    Long shot but does anyone here know how Mysql/InnoDB works with indexes if there are multiple tables with different collation servers? So, if I have table1 with utf8mb4 collation and table2 with latin1_swedish_ci collation, if I join them is there a big performance hit?
    Md. Alamin (Miraje)

    I am facing an issue in group_concat when I export data from MySQL workbench,

    How do I set gorup_concat max length when export data????

    Lior Kedmi
    Hey! did anyone ever try to use sequalize with encrypted fields? I saw there's a library called sequalize-encrypted but it doesn't have proper documentation, at-least not for the latest version of sequalize.
    I'm new to mysql database
    I would like to know anyone using mysql with timeseries data?

    I want to read 3 crore csv rows which is of 2GB csv file size and need to insert into MySQL via Java.

    Could someone please help me know the fastest and memory efficient way to avoid out of memory exception as well load in lesser time?

    Please kindly advise.

    Brian S. Boros
    Hi all, I'm kind of new to Gitter, and I'm wondering if there is any SQL developers or engineers here who work with MySQL Workbench?

    Approaches to handle 10 million records of 10 tables each with several joins

    I have 10 million records of 10 tables each with several joins. I am looking for the best alternative or DB assign or approach to read the records very quickly that is the query should be fast.

    option#1 - normalize the tables, don't go for joins unnecessarily
    option#2 - add all the columns in 1st query where multiple times the
    where conditions will be used in the looping construct
    option#3 - go for nosql database instead of mysql

    Please advise