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Dave Stein
but it's quite identical to this issue we found: axios/axios#1619
the weirder part for us is that our JS errors log to our server and say it timed out and shows the request ID, but our server log with same request ID shows no problem - that it responded fine
Ankur Oberoi

I have the same question as @billsaysthis. Specifically, the no_proxy option is important to solve this issue: slackapi/node-slack-sdk#672

Hi, our project uses Axios and we're waiting on a fix that's in 0.19. It's been in beta awhile now so we're wondering, is there an ETA for a GA release?

Can I (or other developers on my team) help in any way to complete the outstanding work on v0.19.0?

cc @mzabriskie @rubennorte (i couldn't find the other org members in gitter)

Farsad Fakhim
Hi there,
A client asked me to add a feature to his website, which runs on Vue stack and they've used Axios for their Network layer.
They've implemented a downloader which supports concurrent downloads based on Axios and Blob.
The requested feature is straight to the point, the downloader must be capable of pausing/resuming downloads.
As far as I've researched It can be implemented, but it requires a bunch of Blob manipulations. So my question is, can anyone suggest me where to start?!
Andrew Kemp
why the name axios?
roman joseph merck
From @wiki
ἄγω (ágō) +‎ -τιος (-tios), with the verb in the sense "draw down (in the scale)", hence "weigh, import".
Adam Gall
hi all, i'm having an issue when using axios from an NPM library that i'm developing. i have a local API running on localhost:8080, and axios is returning a 404 when attempting to hit any of the routes. i get no logs on my local webserver. when simply changing the baseURL to my deployed API, everything works as expected
any ideas?
Adam Gall
just swapped out axios for the request library, and getting the same stupid results. so this probably isn't a problem with axios
Adam Gall
woof figured it out. my API was running on port 8080, and apparently SOMETHING in this node / npm / mocha test setup was operating on 8080 also???? changed my api port to a different one and all is better now
Augusto Gonzalez
Hello Guys.
Do you know how to use form data in React Native with Axios?
From the RN side I got on my request
something like
an object with a key called _parts
and that is
I want to know how can I send form data
Joey Figaro
Hey guys—can anyone shed some light on merging global axios interceptors with clients? I've got a utility for creating new clients that I'm trying to get global interceptors in.
Hey folks, running into an intermittent issue with Axios.
Occasionally a request will fail with a wall of data -
{"name":"bunyan-log","hostname":"<hostname>","pid":58445,"level":50,"_writableState":{"objectMode":false,"highWaterMark":16384,"finalCalled":false,"needDrain":false,"ending":false,"ended":false,"finished":false,"destroyed":false,"decodeStrings":true,"defaultEncoding":"utf8","length":0,"writing":false,"corked":0,"sync":true,"bufferProcessing":false,"writecb":null,"writelen":0,"bufferedRequest":null,"lastBufferedRequest":null,"pendingcb":0,"prefinished":false,"errorEmitted":false,"emitClose":true,"autoDestroy":false,"bufferedRequestCount":0,"corkedRequestsFree":{"next":null,"entry":null}},"writable":true,"_events":{},"_eventsCount":2,"_options":{"maxRedirects":21,"maxBodyLength":10485760,"protocol":"http:","path":"<path>","method":"post","headers":{"Accept":"application/json, text/plain, */*","Content-Type":"application/x-www-form-urlencoded","User-Agent":"axios/0.18.0","Content-Length":637},"hostname":"<host>","port":"7104","nativeProtocols":{"http:":{"METHODS":["ACL","BIND","CHECKOUT","CONNECT","COPY","DELETE","GET","HEAD","LINK","LOCK","M-SEARCH","MERGE","MKACTIVITY","MKCALENDAR","MKCOL","MOVE","NOTIFY","OPTIONS","PATCH","POST","PROPFIND","PROPPATCH","PURGE","PUT","REBIND","REPORT","SEARCH","SOURCE","SUBSCRIBE","TRACE","UNBIND","UNLINK","UNLOCK","UNSUBSCRIBE"],"STATUS_CODES":{"100":"Continue","101":"Switching Protocols","102":"Processing","103":"Early Hints","200":"OK","201":"Created","202":"Accepted","203":"Non-Authoritative Information","204":"No Content","205":"Reset Content","206":"Partial Content","207":"Multi-Status","208":"Already Reported","226":"IM Used","300":"Multiple Choices","301":"Moved Permanently","302":"Found","303":"See Other","304":"Not Modified","305":"Use Proxy","307":"Temporary Redirect","308":"Permanent Redirect","400":"Bad Request","401":"Unauthorized","402":"Payment Required","403":"Forbidden","404":"Not Found","405":"Method Not Allowed","406":"Not Acceptable","407":"Proxy Authentication Required","408":"Request Timeout","409":"Conflict","410":"Gone","411":"Length Required","412":"Precondition Failed","413":"Payload Too Large","414":"URI Too Long","415":"Unsupported Media Type","416":"Range Not Satisfiable","417":"Expectation Failed","418":"I'm a Teapot","421":"Misdirected Request","422":"Unprocessable Entity","423":"Locked","424":"Failed Dependency","425":"Unordered Collection","426":"Upgrade Required","428":"Precondition Required","429":"Too Many Requests","431":"Request Header Fields Too Large","451":"Unavailable For Legal Reasons","500":"Internal Server Error","501":"Not Implemented","502":"Bad Gateway","503":"Service Unavailable","504":"Gateway Timeout","505":"HTTP Version Not Supported","506":"Variant Also Negotiates","507":"Insufficient Storage","508":"Loop Detected","509":"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded","510":"Not Extended","511":"Network Authentication Required"},"globalAgent":{"_events":{},"_eventsCount":1,"defaultPort":80,"protocol":"http:","options":{"path":null},"requests":{},"sockets":{<url>:":[{"connecting":false,"_hadError":true,"_handle":null,"_parent":null,"_host":"<domain>","_readableState":{"objectMode":false,"highWaterMark":16384,"buffer":{"head":null,"tail":null,"length":0},"length":0,"pipes":null,"pipesCount":0,"flowing":true,"ended":false,"endEmitted":false,"reading":true,"sync":false,"needReadable":true,"emittedReadable":false,"readableListening":false,"resumeScheduled":false,"paused":false,"emitClose":false,"autoDestroy":false,"destroyed":true,"defaultEncoding":"utf8","awaitDrain":0,"readingMore":false,"decoder":null,"encoding":null},"readable":false,"_events":{"connect":[null,null,null],"close":[null,null]},"_eventsCount":7,"_writableState":{"objectMode":false,"highWaterMark":16384,"finalCalled":false,"needDrain":false,"ending":false,"ended":false,"finished":false,"destroyed":true,"decodeStrings":false,"defaultEncoding":"utf8","length":903,"writing":true,"corked":0,"sync":false,"bufferProcessing":false,"writelen":903,"bufferedRequest":null,"lastBufferedRequest":null,"pendingcb":3,"prefinished":false,"errorEmitted":true,"emitClose":false,"autoDestroy":false,"bufferedRe
This is during a POST which otherwise works ok. Not sure if the server is throttling requests or if something else is the source of the problem. But from the data dump it is in unclear.
Any thoughts?
Alexey Chernov
Hi! I want to set a baseURL, that looks similar to this:
The problem now is that when I set it, every new request puts additional slash symbol, that I want to find out how to ignore
Alexey Chernov
while correct request should be
looks like Axios puts this trailing slash automatically following some standard, but I can't change the backend
Yoni Revah
anyone know where set-cookie headers are being stored?
Yoni Revah
maybe i'm doing something wrong but if my app receives the set-cookie header two times with different values, it doesn't replace the old one
Yoni Revah
looks like maybe the objective-c network stack is saving it :O
Acauã Sperl de Faria
Hi there. I'm trying to use axios on Express to do a GET on an URL that can return either a JSON or an image.
If it is a JSON, I wan't it parsed to be forward as a JSON response.
If it is an image, I want to pipe it to Express res as an image.
By default, responseType is JSON and it work fine for json response but fails for images.
If I set "responseType: stream", it works for the image but fails for JSON.
Is there a way to set responseType AFTER the request, based on "content-type" on the response header?
Michael Gerstmann

Hi there, is the follow behavior a bug or not intend:

if i create a axios instance with a header like this 
const HTTP = axios.create({
  baseURL: 'test.test',
  headers: {
    'X-Foo': 'value',

it is no longer possible to overwrite the header

 HTTP({ url: 'other', baseURL: null, headers: null })

baseUrl and url can be overwritten, headers not. why. respectively how i can?


Hi there, need some help.
On first axios post, the response take around 20second (for data)
Before the first post finished, after around 10 second have passed. i make a second axios post, is the second post only suppose to proceed when the first post is finish?

On chrome dev network, when first post is pending, i can see that second post which was suppose to take only 1 second, instead took 1 sec longer than the first axios post to response back.

I am using react to request axios post to aspx. Using jquery.post seem to be able run both asynchronously. I does not seem to be able to use axios.all in my case, is there any way to make axios post asynchronously?

Thanks in advance.

make sure its async
Hi @Dj-jom2x , mind to explain more to me? I think that the request is already made in my apps, as they request showed up in chrome dev network tab.
How to make axios post async?

Screenshot to what i said above.
The red mark request is all the same request that request a small data by user click.

Then another component in my React request a bigger chunk of data (Submit and wait for return ) which need sometime for process. Which is mark in blue.

The blue request make all the red request wait for him to finish, did i do something wrong?

Al Knows
Hi, is it possible to send a SEARCH request with axios? ExpressJS supports this verb but i didn't see it the axios docs.
Reply to question above, i found the issue is coming from Aspx webform only process one request at a time if they are coming from same session, leaving it here in case someone else have same problem
Jonathan Stevens
Is there any traction of getting PR 2207 done? 0.19.0 has a broken change.
Konstantin Bläsi
something else?
Jonathan Stevens
@al_knows_twitter I would add a issue on the GH if you do not see it. The Typedefs do not show SEARCH: https://github.com/axios/axios/blob/master/index.d.ts#L24
hey all - I have an interceptor for axios to catch expired API tokens for specific cases and return the original error response for all other cases.
The issue is that when it returns the errors for all other cases, it does not return the full error (which includes config, response, etc.), but a simplified version that has basic info (message, error name, etc.).
Any idea what I am doing wrong in my interceptor that is preventing it from returning the full error response?
my code: https://gist.github.com/cryocaustik/49c9e39bee2a16b3fa69e78716ae5105
Alex Skobelev
accidentally duplicated my account; the above post was me

can anyone give me a hand?, i'm trying to post with axios, but nothing happens, here is my code
this is where i call the function

i'm in node.js

this is the console output

Watermelon Puppet

Hello there, recently I have updated to v0.19.0, but found that the relative query path behaviour is not the same as it was in v0.18.1.

I'm working in a Vue.js project, and using the default TypeScript setup provided by vue-cli.

In Jest, I've set up the testURL as 'http://localhost/test/', and in the test, I'm trying to query with axios.get('api/healthcheck') for example. The log shows that I'm querying the path http://localhostapi/healthcheck, instead of http://localhost/test/api/healthcheck. However 0.18.1 has the expected behaviour.

I've checked the Jest version I'm using, they are the same, there is no changes at Jest side.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour change? Or did I do something wrong?
Jonathan Stevens
Hello, I am a recently added maintainer for Axios. I am looking at the list of PRs to understand priority. So far I see that there was a regression that was fixed in #2207 Are there any other PR's that need immediate attention?