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Dan Pastori
Hi Everyone, I have question with setting cookies with axios. I have my CORS set up server side to return an XSRF-COOKIE. I'm trying to send that cookie in the X-XSRF-TOKEN header that I append to each response. However, when I send it with axios it places it in the 'Cookie' header. I am using the basic default axios config with the same naming conventions in the documentation, but I can't figure out why it's sending in the cookie header and not the X-XSRF-TOKEN header. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I get the set-cookie response properly from the server and it's only an http cookie.
I also make each request withCredentials: true
I can also provide any code samples necessary
Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 10.17.48 PM.png
anyone know why axios is giving me 404 when im posting and providing the correct form data?
ive tried qs.stringify() and it gives me 400 error code
im using the same headers and form data on python requests and it works fine
Luiz Bueno
Hello guys could anyone help? I'm trying to cancel a post but when I trigger the cancel function the error is triggered (checked printing the catch error) but the call continues ...
Eugene Balashov
hi all :) does anyone have opinion about: async.parallel vs axios (node app)
how to call an auth0 secured api using axios , any reference ?
Xianming Zhong
Hello everyone, I found lots of users met different problems with axios. And much of them were not bugs of axios, but misleading usages. So I wrote a guide for beginners. https://github.com/chinesedfan/You-Dont-Know-Axios, ENJOY!
Neil Duffy
Hi, I recently found axios converting an axios.post to a GET request, because of the lack of a trailing slash on the url. Google searches show this being identified as a bug back in 2018...
But i've been using the latest npm install and still saw it... and it cost me a few hours of debugging
Peter Tönnies
Dear all, my name is Peter and I am voluntarily working for foodsharing, a big NGO fighting food waste in the central European area. Me and a small group of devs are trying to keep our platform running... with more or less success. At the moment, I need to get rid of request.js and would like to convert to axios. But to be honest... I am rather lost, as I do not even speak JS.
Therefore, I would like to ask in this group, if someone would be interested in donating some time to our cause and to help me with this step. I am just talking about two small methods between line https://gitlab.com/foodsharing-dev/foodsharing/-/blob/master/chat/test.js#L366 and 380. I would be very grateful if someone is interested in helping me. I am losing too much time on a topic I am not trained in.
Thank you very much, if someone can jump in. In any case, very kind regards to the whole group. Peter
Daniel Vela
Hello everyone, I'm having a really weird issue with interceptors. I create a custom axios instance with a base URL to my API, and I add an interceptor to said instance when an user authenticates correctly. But when I try to use that instance in a data fetching service, the interceptor is not there as if the instance was different.
Daniel Vela
also same issue happens with the regular axios instance
Is it recommended to re-use axiox instance for consuming all endpoints under a single API throughout the app?
Are there any drawbacks?
Hi, I have a problem or a bug with axios. I make a post to laravel and laravel returns valid json. But when I want to grab the data form the response, axios has added a lot of data before my response so it is not possible to normaly grab the response back. I first need to substring it with a indexOf does anyone know a solution to my problem?
Hello there, first time using axios (within vuejs app). I was about to fill in an issue on github but maybe I should ask there before. Also, I have created a post on SO, but I think I have narrowed the problem to something probably related to axios. Could I ask for some help here ?
I am sending the following urI as get request
When execute the same on postman the response is
"totalSize": 1,
"done": true,
"records": [
"attributes": {
"type": "Orderc",
"url": "/services/data/v11.0/sobjects/Order
"Name": "WO-00037151"
when I execute the same on Axios my response is:
data: { totalSize: 1, done: true, records: [ [Object] ] }
The data next to records is not rendered in json please help

Hi ,

I am trying to get the redirected url's of the given URL, where i am using node js module on lambda with axios. Can any one give me the solution or code snipet, for getting redirected url.

Currently i am getting using node js as final redirected URL as "response.request.res.responseUrl", but in my aws lambda i am not able to get this.

Konstantin Bläsi
maybe you're not using the same node version locally as in aws
Andrey Doroschenko
Screenshot from 2020-07-03 11-23-49.png
Screenshot from 2020-07-03 11-24-04.png

Hi guys
Could you help me? I tried to make a request with axios but axios ignore header Set-Cookie.

Here's instance of axios:

const API = axios.create({
  withCredentials: true,
  baseURL: ''

And attach some screens for proofs. Axios ignore headers about cookie and doesn't store cookie in local storage.

1 reply
i'm creating the the feature request in github.it was closing automatically does not follow the issue template.
can anyone help
Donavan Becker
Just wondering if there is away to see what the a ‘get’ or ‘post’ sends? I am just getting a 400 error.
how should I delete Accept-Encoding or set Accept-Encoding: null on request
xhr.js: Refused to set unsafe header "Accept-Encoding"
Yuba Raj Khadka
hi everyone, can anyone help me?
here is my issue
unfortunately, no one replied there
just wondering, if this is a problem related with proxy or somthing else
Moritz Bischof
Hey, axios 0.20 just broke my app.
This line, which previously worked, has no effect now:
axios.defaults.baseURL = '/api'
what's happening here? everything worked in 0.19
Moritz Bischof
yeah, wtf is going on here. only related thing i found in the changelog is axios/axios#2391, but i dont know
just tested, everything's fine on 0.19
Jonas Amundsen
Hi! My impression is that axios doesn't by itself attempt to store cookies received and use them for consecutive requests, is this true?