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    Sudeep kini
    Maxim Zaks
    hi :)
    GJ Nilsen
    Hi guys! This is a really stupid question, but how do I get going with FlatBuffersSwift? What do I need to install on my development machine, what do I need on my server and so on? any good links to some reading material regarding this?
    Maxim Zaks

    @yuppielabel generally what you need is the code generator, here is the Wiki entry which explains how it works

    The generated Code uses classes located in following files:

    • FlatBufferBuilder.swift
    • FlatBufferReader.swift
    • FlatBuffers.swift
    • LazyVector.swift

    located under

    You can either download the project from github build the lib yourself and put it as a module, or you can just copy the listed files into your project.
    If you copy the files into the project and link them directly you have to comment out import FlatBuffersSwift from the generated file.

    The setup right mow is cumbersome, I will make the code generator include all the needed dependencies inside of the generated file so the workflow will become much less complicated. Maybe I will be able to do it this weekend. I will start working on FlatBuffersSwift more starting from May, I am currently finishing up a project, so my time is a bit sparse.

    What I listed above is setup for Swift project. If your backend runs on some other language you can use flatc from google (https://google.github.io/flatbuffers/)

    GJ Nilsen
    thanks @mzaks :)