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    Marwan Rabbâa
    Davis Kirkendall
    I'm not 100% about the exact setup it's running under but I saw that the flask setup uses gunicorn + meinheld and while meinheld also uses greenlet I believe that gunicorn will still use multiple processes (and cores) which should add additional parallelism compared to "straight" eventlet (which nameko uses). Note that I am not a gunicorn/meinheld/eventlet/expert and even if this were true the performance compared to flask would still be bad
    Marwan Rabbâa
    @daviskirk you're right. I have used meinheld since it adds someking of parralelism to gunicorn, I do not know to do such things with nameko, but feel free to tell me. It will be a pleasure to update codebase :heart:
    Sivabudh Umpudh
    Is it possible to run a nameko service inside a Django application?
    Specifically, I would like to run an event_handler service inside a Django application. If I created a custom Django management command and put invoked the event_handler service via nameko's ServiceRunner, will that be alright?
    Matt Yule-Bennett
    @sivabudh that won't work -- Nameko uses eventlet and relies on its event loop to be running somewhere. What is your use-case for putting Nameko inside Django? seems like a strange one
    I like nameko, pretty much what I was looking for. But I’m surprised it’s not getting more attention?
    @ptype we need more content imo
    Content marketing
    How to do X in nameko
    Very light on the ground in this right now
    @mattbennett any idea when Nameko 3.0 will be released?
    How can I have a class which provides certain http endpoints by default? So all of my services inherit from this?
    Matt Yule-Bennett

    @cal97g Nameko 3 will be out as soon as possible, but see my comments here https://discourse.nameko.io/t/roadmap-to-nameko-3-0-0/509/2.

    Completely agree about content marketing etc. Nameko needs more of this

    You can use normal class inheritance if you want to provide a base class (with entrypoints) for all services
    Thanks for responses! I will try and write a few articles about nameko either on a personal blog / medium or our company blog over the next few months.
    Radha Krishna. S.
    Hello folks! Anyone integrated opentracing with nameko services? Any pointers/ best practices please?
    @sradhakrishna_gitlab hey, haven't implement it but there are some modules that do
    Radha Krishna. S.
    Thanks @cal97g! Any pointers?
    vijay kumar
    How to monitor gateway and service in nameko microservices framework?
    Shanti Prakash Gola
    Hello guys im using nameko for production...facing gateway hanging issue...can you please help me..also is there any way we can monitor nameko.
    Story Sketcher
    Hi, how can i hot reload nameko services? each time i make a change i need to start and stop my containers
    is there a way to integrate flask with nameko?
    @mattbennett how to do nameko shell on nameko-grpc(since when I try to run n.rpc.my_service.my_method() it says it couldn't find such service)? or what are the ways to send messages via rabbitmq(I know even if these are binaries)
    Eduardo Aviles
    Hi guys, I just read the latest release announcement. Im currently using Nameko v2.x in production at work and you recommend to use version v3, are there any breaking changes if I just bump up mu current version to v3?, Is it safe to just migrate.
    Josh Yu
    Hi guys, i'm using nameko in production. Working with RabbitMQ, timeout occured 2 - 3 times per 5 minutes
    Naol BM
    Guys how the hot reload works on python just i created hulu.py how i hlt reload it