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Dec 2017
Naokazu Terada
Dec 06 2017 00:56
@jonasbn Hi, I'm in Japanese timezone (UTC+09:00), does anything happen?
Jonas B. Nielsen
Dec 06 2017 08:10
I have been thinking about a new project, I will try to do a write up, I justed wanted to check in with you to see how it was going with the upcoming release
Naokazu Terada
Dec 06 2017 15:16
In 'upcoming release' you mean MarkdownTOC's release? I'm sorry it is poor progress and release will be late. Or you mean your new project's release? Is there anything I can do?
Jonas B. Nielsen
Dec 06 2017 15:18
I was thinking about your work with MarkdownTOC
anyway, the idea I have is to scratch my own itch
I want to make a general Markdown TOC specification based on Markdown TOC (as first draft)
then it will be easier to create other tools supporting the format
personally I need a TOC generator embedded in a Perl build tool-chain
what do you think?
and nice talking to you btw :-)
I set up a clock to monitor your time zone, makes it easier to identify when you could be available
since I am GMT+1