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Repo info
    Raj Nigam
    i like spotlight as the primary interface but capabilities like a "clipboard manager" plugin add a lot of complication and might defeat the purposes of using a simple first-party interface to begin with
    Tom Scott-Malden
    I've got an idea for a plugin but lack the nessaccary knowhow to make it. Is it OK to make a suggestion?
    Nate Parrott
    @valguss sure, feel free.
    there's also a board for requesting plugin ideas here: http://ideaboardapp.appspot.com/flashlight-plugin-ideas
    Tom Scott-Malden
    Thanks nate-parrot, will post up on the ideas board
    John-Philip Johansson
    hi! I'm using the FlashlightTool, which is great. but how do I debug my python file? or at least output a warning or something I can trace? I have the "Errors and Warnings" window open, and I've tried print, the warning import, and the raise exception command but nothing shows up in the window.
    John-Philip Johansson
    Seems like I had some weird issue because of an import inside a function (duh, but it didn't say anything). so now warning works now
    John-Philip Johansson
    wth. I forked and cloned, so I can contribute my plugin. but when I create a new branch I get a whole lot of "changes" in git. some line ending or encoding thing?
    John-Philip Johansson
    @nate-parrott I submitted a PR for the line endings. nate-parrott/Flashlight#492
    btw, I found import logging quite useful. seems there are several ways to output things in Python so a mention of this specific module would help a few people I think
    John-Philip Johansson
    Jianan Wang
    Just installed the flashlight, and really enjoy the convenience it brings to me!
    Currently using evernote plugin, but wondering how I could use keyboard to further select and browse the searched results?
    Or is this kind of secondary browse and search ever supported in spotlight?
    Johan Beisser
    Just in case anyone else was wondering.
    Morning all. My Flashlight seems to be broken since I have installed Yosemite 10.10.4. Anyone else experience this problem?
    Johan Beisser
    take a look at issue #494
    Known problem.
    Alex Grigoryev
    This message was deleted
    This message was deleted
    Branden Garrett
    This may be way out of line, but any news on 10.11(15A215h) yet?
    Sebastian I
    Does flashlight work with 10.11 El Capitan
    @mastersimon me too
    This message was deleted
    @nate-parrott can you solve this problem? it doesn't work since i installed Yosemite 10.10.4.
    Ryan Draga
    hey guys, so I just installed Flashlight, but Spotlight seems to just ignore it. I'm on 10.10.4
    nothing happens on 10.10.4
    Ryan Draga
    @cdmn yeah I'm seeing the same issue. I'm assuming the update breaks Flashlight.
    Mohit Gupta
    @TuxOtaku @cdmn I just downloaded flashlight and can confirm that it's broken on 10.10.4
    Branden Garrett
    After reading through github: 10.10.4 is broken. I think @nate-parrott has a sweet internship this summer - he's probably working on it when he can...or just waiting for 11.10. But, I'm not him...obviously... Hopefully he integrates this tech right into 10.11!
    Toan Nguyen
    Hey guys, I'm wondering when Flashlight able to install with brew.sh
    Ryan Draga
    @nntoan shouldn't take much to throw together a brew formula for it
    maybe once the 10.10.4 stuff is fixed, I'll work on a formula myself.
    Zaki Aziz
    Is this room still active? Does flashlight work on 10.10.5?
    Eduardo Oliveira
    I'm getting and erro
    As a precaution, plugins won't run on unsupported versions of Spotlight, even if you enable them. (You have Spotlight v972)
    is this normal?
    Is this room still active?
    Does flashlight still work on 10.11.5? If it works please email 651015252@qq.com thx so much.
    Flashlight for 10.11 in general isn't operational i can't seem to find the post @nate-parrott posted but, sadly imo Alfred is the best close cousin
    Wolfgang Baird
    Try my fork for 10.10 and 10.11 support https://github.com/w0lfschild/Flashlight
    it works!
    Eden S.-G.
    Huge thanks to @w0lfschild for getting it working again on 10.11! :grinning:
    Till Kothe
    so how exactly do I use it? Just like Spotlight?
    yep. got it
    (I didn't realize things like "weather" were actually localized)
    Manpreet Singh Khanna
    hey guys does flashlight
    work on 10.10.5 version ?