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Repo info
    Till Kothe
    yep. got it
    (I didn't realize things like "weather" were actually localized)
    Manpreet Singh Khanna
    hey guys does flashlight
    work on 10.10.5 version ?
    Manpreet Singh Khanna
    Wolfgang Biard's thing worked for me as well thanks
    Hey, I'm new, eh, its says I'm on a new version of spotlight which isn't supported(v972). Pls Help
    @ArchitHKIS try to use this fork https://github.com/w0lfschild/Flashlight
    is flashlight working with 10.12? I've tried the fork back in beta 2 without success
    Alexander Kim
    Hello, everyone
    is there any plugins for closing apps through spotlight?
    kill and kill
    does it work with the latest version of spotlight ?
    using Alfred now
    Arpan SIngh
    does it work on 10.13.2 ?
    Huzi Cheng
    Huzi Cheng
    A new version worth trying: w0lfschild/Flashlight#41
    though sometimes it still can not work on my machine
    Why does this application don't work every time new Mac OS is released?
    Wolfgang Baird
    @Miszo97 Because it's injecting code into Spotlight and if Apple changes the code of spotlight to much it breaks compatibility with Flashlight
    Daniel Hines
    Hello all. Has anyone had any luck with getting Flashlight to run on 10.13.6? The app seems to start up fine, but nothing runs. Perahps related, mySIMBL asks for permissions to update every time it boots. I posted an issue, but thought I'd also ask here.
    Huzi Cheng
    My flashlight can work right after upgrade to new macOS: cannot show the main GUI, while scripts works. But after 1-2 days, all scripts didn't work also.
    Jonah Kalkman
    Can someone help me installing?
    I got flashlight working on Mojave by installing mySIMBL made sure SIP is disabled. Even when it said it was disabled I reenabled it and disabled it again. ( instructions here https://www.howtogeek.com/230424/how-to-disable-system-integrity-protection-on-a-mac-and-why-you-shouldnt/)
    Then in System Preferences under Security & Privacy I added mySIMBL as an app that's allowed to control my computer. Restarted my Mac everything worked. Enjoy!
    Idan Loo
    Is there anyone who runs it on macOS Catalina. I installed it but saw nothing after opening.