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Repo info
    Chris McKenzie
    I'm working on an appveyor build for NBuilder today.
    Patrick Magee
    Chris McKenzie
    I'm getting symied by permissions issues again. I've reached out to @garethdown44 to see what we can do about it. If I haven't heard back in a week my plan is to clone the repo under my account and get the build working there.
    Chris McKenzie
    Permissions issues have all been resolved. I've accepted a PR that gets us most of the way through the AppVeyor setup. Now I'm working on getting it to support git flow.
    Chris McKenzie
    It's getting real. I've been overwhelmed by a new role at work the last 6 months and have totally dropped the ball on getting the next version of NBuilder released. I'm on vacation right now though and this is a nice way to pass the time. All of the issues that I wanted to accomplish for the 4.0.0 catch-up release are finished. I'm going to sit on it a day or so just to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. It should go out this week. Next up will be adding support for .NET Core, which I'm totally excited to do.
    Shalin Parmar
    I found that with upgrade to NBuilder v6.0.0 BuilderSetup has no way to set AutoNameProperties to false....it is causing my unit tests to fail
    These changes:
    internal static readonly BuilderSettings Instance =new BuilderSettings();
    public static bool AutoNameProperties => Instance.AutoNameProperties;
    // get { return Instance.AutoNameProperties; }
    // set { Instance.AutoNameProperties = value; }
    How do I open an issue against it?
    @crmckenzie please see above