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Dec 2014
Dec 18 2014 18:48
Bryan Hughes
Dec 18 2014 18:50
Hi Marc
Is that really the description I came up with for this repo? ugh, what was I thinking? :)
Luis Montes
Dec 18 2014 19:57
that description works, though IO-Class might be more generic for people without remote-io :)
Luis Montes
Dec 18 2014 20:06
@bryan-m-hughes noticed that pins array is length of 17 on my model B rev2
but there's 20 wiring pins on the chart
Bryan Hughes
Dec 18 2014 20:23
@monteslu, it should be a sparse array with 26 entries, numbered 0-16 and 21-29
(17-20 don’t exist on the B+)
err…sorry, misread B2 as B+, one sec
@monteslu I haven’t added support for P5 yet, although I’m working on a patch that does add those. That’s what the missing 4 pins are
BTW, when this patch lands, the pin naming scheme will change slightly, although it shouldn’t affect you if you’re only using the Wiring Pi numbers