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Feb 2015
Bryan Hughes
Feb 14 2015 02:00
@virgilvox I published a change to one of raspi-io’s dependencies that should fix this. I can’t test atm though because I left my B+ at home :(. Can you try it out and let me know if this fixes it?
Moheeb Zara
Feb 14 2015 17:17
@bryan-m-hughes the fixes worked like a charm!!
I need to upload the latest image for this though.
but we have it for the hackatohn which is great!!
Bryan Hughes
Feb 14 2015 17:57
\o/ That’s so cool!
Luis Montes
Feb 14 2015 18:22
really dig how easy you made this image to get started
does it run on an a+ too?
Moheeb Zara
Feb 14 2015 20:46
The latest image isn't up yet though, I'll try to upload it after I eat :)