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Apr 2015
Apr 28 2015 22:30

i have connected an arduino mega via usb to the RPi,
i am trying to use both the GPIO on RPi and GPIO on MEGA

but the MEGA times out before the ready event ie 10sec interval

Apr 28 2015 22:36

i tried quite a few combinations,
[1] passing the serial port as String
[2] passing a new SerialPort Object
[3] using five.Boards

all resulting in the five.board timing out.

any pointers to connect arduinos to RPi and use j5/raspi-io to control the arduinos
Bryan Hughes
Apr 28 2015 23:03
@mihirkk can you paste a code sample?
Bryan Hughes
Apr 28 2015 23:34
@mihirkk also, are you creating two separate board instances?